International Talk Like A Pirate Day

As most FSM worshippers ( peace be upon his noodley appendages) know, the 19 September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
So to help make it a little more fun, I thought you’d all like to find out what your pirate names are. Go here and do the short quiz to generate your pirate name for the 19th.

Mine is Iron Ethal Flint ;D



We must be family
Red Jack Flint


I be lookin’ forward to that most holy of days. Praise be to the FSM (parmesan be upon him) and the one true prophet Bobby Henderson.

Mad James Rackham

The Good Ship Dauntless’l be flyin’ the Jolly Roger in honour of th’ day.


Bloody John Cash

(“Captain” Bloody John, that be to ye!)

Mad Dog Rackham 8)

Oo aarr, shiver me timbers! Ahoy, and a fair wind to ye sails, mateys. Let not the kraken get ye, nor the scurvy, nor John Bull. Let’s all to the Firkin Inn me hearties, there be word of Spanish treasure afoot!

Calico Anne Bonney


Bloody Davy Bonney

erm… aarr?

I think I’m more like a ninja… and stuff.

Em, arrrrrhhhh! :stuck_out_tongue: