Isis Unstoppable?

I have been aware about the indoctrination of children for a time now. But it feels as if Isis is unstoppable. Removing their leader will not be enough to defeat them, they are akin to a virus mutating and spreading to fast.
Doesn’t seem as if enough is being done.

Do you reckon there is hope? And how do you defeat this?

How do you fight an idea?

Maybe they will burn themselves out. They had apparently a lot of support in Syria but lost quite a lot when they killed that pilot in a gruesome way. Hopefully, their supporters will realise that they are not nice and then, without the support, the authorities can push them back.

I dunno hey, Hamas has been causing trouble for a long time… and suddenly seems paltry compared to these guys.

And how do you defeat this?

Carpet bombing… It may not be PC or humanitarian but it would be effective.

The days are over when you could spread your religion at sword point. It’s not exactly like they are winning hearts and minds in most of the world.

What we can do? Follow the Prime Directive. The Middle East must sort out its own problems. I doubt very much whether these goons have any ambitions to convert South Africa to Islam.

Actually many South African’s are going over there to fight for Isis. So they may actually be doing us a favour of sorts.

Well it’s seems each time the west gets involved in the middle east it makes things worse.
So better to stay out of it, I think. Also I think the west at this point is more worried with
Russia than the middle east. Isis is not affecting the oil price so there is no real concern.

Islam is doing exactly that: spreading their religion at sword point, and with alarming success. Several research sites confirm the growth of Islam. They are not out to win hearts and minds - if one acts with enough brutality, there is no need for it. History abounds with examples. On the battle field, being armed with a sword is substantially preferable to a pen.

Yes, but I don’t think they will successfully invade South Africa. And that kind of regime carries the seeds of its own destruction within it.

In MHO, give ISIS its state and even Boko Haram: In that way they become an independent entity that can be more easily controlled and isolated rather than the amorphous ghosts murdering innocents. Of course this may encourage even further balkanisation, but if you consider the manner in which political borders have historically been defined, drawing new borders should be be an option instead of the killing. Indeed, after WW2 General McArthur decided unilaterally to lump Eritrea together with Ethiopia…this resulted in 2 wars; one lasting 30 years and the last another 3; thousands dead, two economies ruined. History repeats itself.

Send them to Mars–a perfect spot for a Caliphate.

Britain and other countries did that on purpose to keep control over countries like that.
Put two groups of people together, prop the minority up into a dictator government.
And there you go you have a group that is loyal to you because if they not you remove your support and they get over thrown.

They did that in Irac that is why you have 3 different groups of people in one country that don’t like each other.
After the Irac war one of the suggestions was to split it up into 3 countries. But with one group getting the bulk
of the oil reserve it’s not very popular idea.

I doubt Irac will ever be put together again, that humpty dumpty is broken.

Don’t know if this will really happen though. Hope not.

It is indeed sad. The internet is a wonderful thing with all the information out there and all the ways to communicate, but the downside is of course that evil can spread just as quickly and these ISIS guys knows how to use it to their advantage, the internet makes it easy to learn new things and discover new ideas, but it also allows you to see only what you want to see - which is fueling the flames of radicalization.

This past weekend we learnt about the terrible death of dr Avijit Roy in Bangladesh who visited his home country to promote his book about exractly the faith virus you are talking about - his last article due to be published later this year in the Free Inquiry magazine was made available by the Center for Inquiry following his death.

CFI statement, including Dr Roy’s article

How do you fight an idea?

With a better idea!

I came across this article. Don’t know really what to make of it.
But essentially his saying we need to understand ISIS to defeat it I think?

Nah, won’t work. They haven’t been using carpets in warfare since the days of Ali Baba.

Besides, where are you going to find that many unhousebroken puppies?