It is a sick world

what humans sickfucks do to other humans

You know, every time I settle down and tell myself I am finally against the death penalty (for reasons other than the one I always had ~ you may kill the wrong motherfucker) I walk into this kind of thing.

It is a completely emotional reaction but I doubt I’d have problems pulling the trigger myself in this case. How does human beings do this to others of their species?

It is a complete and utter mind fuck.

Yes I’m getting to the point of even if you kill a few innocent people
there is enough people in the world, and we really don’t need scum like this
breathing the air.


And there it is, a true case for “an eye for an eye”.

Heartbreaking. This redefines crime for me; it resets the bar to a new low. What can possibly move anybody to take a child’s eyes for all money in the world? Maybe a psychopath who combines his lack of empathy with obsessive greed? Or a run of the mill criminal who happens to live in a culture just a little bit too indifferent to cruelty?

As an aside, the article itself is unusually well written and informative. At least one walks away having learnt something.


The poor child …

I find it impossible to imagine the mind that would plan and execute such an atrocity.

thx guys :slight_smile:

I wrote that cause my Friday cheer got fucked up and I wanted to rant. Inadvertantly that also meant spreading the shit to you guys. For that I apologise.

Your comments made me smile though and it helped.

I’m no eye surgeon but the removal of the corneas must surely be a very delicate job: or did the bastard just cut wildly to get them out? Then next question: who receives the spare parts? Must be a syndicate with specialised facilities.

We had similar experiences here at the St Augustines Hospital where Drs and nurses were involved in removing bodyparts for sale from recently dead patients and if I recall correctly even during operations (kidney or two etc)