It's actually kids that seduce priests...

In some cases of sexual abuse by priests, teenage survivors act as seducers according to an American priest, Father Benedict Groeschel, in an interview last week with the National Catholic Register.

It’s a remark that’s basically equivalent to saying a woman is “asking to be raped” because of the clothing she is wearing.

As I keep saying: you can’t expect anything resembling morality from the religious. He also said:

And he asserted that first-time pedophiles should receive a pass on jail time because it was more a sin than a crime.

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More a sin than a crime? Raping a child isn’t a crime? I rest my case.

The religious have always made a career of spin-doctoring things and displaying remarkable sleight-of-mind tricks. It already starts with theology, goes through exegesis, eisegesis, apologetics and theodicy, and ends with Groeschel’s kind of warped morality. You might say verbal subterfuge is their stock-in-trade.

Fortunately, people are increasingly seeing through the contrived sombre intonation and other disguises for this nonsense. I’ll wager that it won’t be too long before we start seeing priests in the dock and behind bars — a literal confessional seal.


It wouldn’t surprise me if kids sometimes seduce priests, just as they presumably sometimes seduce teachers etc. But sometimes is not all the time, and besides, priests are supposedly responsible adults.

In fact, usually they’re held to be the most responsible adults. And a source of morality nogal.

Any morally sound individual would rather raise the issue with the kid’s parents than just cave and do it. I mean really.

Wherever I’ve worked there are rumours of teachers having been in certain situations with learners and I know 2 couples who met as a student-teacher affair that have now been married for over 10 years ( in both cases the man was the teacher - not sure if that’s relevant or not!!!) usually some inappropriate comments from older teenagers either towards me sometimes or colleagues occur pretty much everyday - but the idea of any possibility of crossing that line is abhorrent- I really don’t understand how teachers end up in that situation - there are some pretty massive, older looking 18 years olds in school but really - ew!! It must take a very specific kind of mentality whether priest, teacher or any other profession/ relationship where there is an inherent expectation of trust with kids to make that decision…

Amusing and entirely (in)appropriate joke from Jimmy Carr for this thread - " What’s the main cause of paedophilia? " - " Good looking kids" sorry…

May be slightly tasteless, but to some extent it hits the nail on the head: much of “paedophilia” is nothing of the sort. It’s people doing what they have been doing for millennia before we decided that people only grow up on their 18th (or 14th, or 16th, or 19th or 21st - depending on the jurisdiction) birthday, and that before that they are by definition helpless victims, and the older partners by definition cold-blooded monsters with nothing more than exploitation on their mind.

Yes, you do get some pretty creepy people out there, but I suspect much of this issue is just one more mass hysteria fueled by the media. It sells papers in a way good news about the macro-economy never will. :slight_smile:

They are not even called “victims”, they are “survivors”. (See OP below) I agree that this issue has been inflated.