It's shower time

President Jacob Zuma has asked for a national cleansing ceremony to restore, what he has branded as the moral values of the nation.

SABC radio news reported that Zuma said the ritual would be of great importance in the light of incidents such as the Marikana tragedy, the rape of elderly women, and political assassinations. He said people who were not cleansed, harboured grudges.

According to the report, Zuma said he would call on Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu to help lead the national cleansing ceremony

Yes, the guy standing behind me in line at the bank yesterday could certainly do with a cleansing ceremony.

Does this mean Zapiro’s showerhead caricature of Zoomer was prophetic? :wink:


using the religious structures to “cleanse” is an oxymoron.

Neither have I closed my ABSA account yet, which is unacceptable, considering that I’m a Capitec shareholder, but I shall attend to that early in the new year.