John Edward in South Africa 2011

He’s back by the way, and none of us seemed to notice…

Sep 10 (2011) Cape Town, South Africa Seminar

Sep 11 (2011)
Durban, South Africa
Sold Out

Sep 12 (2011)
Durban, South Africa

Sep 13 (2011)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Sep 15 (2011)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sep 16 (2011)
Johannesburg, South Africa

My son told me he’s booked out until 2013 apparently, and that he’s currently in the country. Terribly sad that people, in today’s economic times, have money to throw away like this.

Has anyone watched his “Spirit of South Africa” shows on SABC3?

I’m always too busy to really bother with watching.

IMHO it still beats blowing your money on rates, taxes, service fees on taxes and rates, admin fees when paying for taxes and rates, etc. etc.

At the least you get a night out to be taken for a ride. To quote (spoiler tag for rough language):

[spoiler]Eric Cartman [to his mom]: Can we at least pull over here and get some dinner? Because I at least like to be wined and dined after I get fucked![/spoiler]

Been offline after 2 burglaries in 2 weeks - and hence no laptops - but FWIW, some of us did notice:

I noticed an ad yesterday, cheapest seats @ R480 odd and most expensive @ R900 odd, the man’s making an absolute killing.

Een ou se dood is tog 'n ander se brood.

Heard him do a reading (accross the oceans nogal) via phone on the radio this morning for someone who won some contest… He was either very good or very well prepped, I’m guessing the latter because he’d already been told whom the person was trying to “contact”. Also he didn’t go so far as to convey any messages, just confirming that the relevant people are “there”, and that he senses “love”. Bit of a no-brainer imho.

The biggest mystery about JE for me is: Does HE believe it?

South Park pithily covered this some time ago… ;D


Should we really feel compassion for people that are willing to give their money to someone who claims to talk to the dead. It is to inexplicable that someone will believe this.

John Edward manage to make money out of their stupidity. He is a douche and evil for what he does but I strongly feel that at some point you have to take responsibility for your beliefs.

We cannot take responsibility for them.

Perhaps I am a douche for being so callous. I am just fed up with people who are willingly ignorant about things.

Your sincerely

Douche bag Superman


He is a lying parasite. Or he hears dead people. I don’t think there is a viable alternative. Even if one intends to be kind.

Well, how’d you know he isn’t highly deluded himself? In that case he’s not lying (but still a parasite, and unwanted).

Point taken.

What counts against him is his clear and obvious cold reading tactics. Which puts him firmly in the lying parasite group as opposed to deluded parasite for whom one may feel a little compassion.

Yes, we should feel compassion for them. We’re not all “blessed” (I use the word very loosly) with logic and rational thought processes, and many people live on emotion instead, which causes all sorts of troubles and then their adversary dies (be it mom, dad, kid or aunty), which leaves them will all sorts of emotions to deal with and no way to lay it to rest. Charlatans like this bastard knows this, and he knowingly exploits these people in the worst possible way, I could happily lynch him and his ilk personally after a painful period of constant torture.

I’ve spent a lifetime listening to my mother bleat on about her dead relatives, and instead of focusing on the living, she just adds to her misery with every consequent death, with all the regret that goes with not focusing on these people when they were alive,she spends her remaining years going from charlatan to charlatan to find fucking closure. I also have to watch her like a hawk around the grandkids, she freaks them out every so often with how she will come back from the dead to look after them, and its all being encouraged and promoted by these FUCKING bastards.

Apologies for the language, rant over.

John Edward has been caught wilfully and unambiguously cheating on at least two separate occasions. There’s a comprehensive write-up by CSICOP on the ’Net somewhere (which I’m too lazy to locate), describing some of the underhanded deceptions he makes use of. Chief among those is that he has spies in the audience engaging people to extract information before the show, usually employing some paid actors who perform with him on cue, and a four-hour studio session being edited down to less than 30 minutes where segments are pieced together afterwards — often out-of-sync and/or out-of-context — so as to paint Edward as genuine. It is simply not plausible that he doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Consequently, it’s safe to conclude that he is indeed a lying parasite (or “The Biggest Douche in the Universe,” if you will), and those who buy into him and his spiel are the deluded ones. That’s the major point of the South Park episode.


@Faerie Put so sincerely I could find some commpassion. :smiley:

A lot of people say “don’t blame the victim,” but most people who are taken in by this crap have brought their victimhood upon themselves by being too lazy to learn critical thinking, or logic, or anything about science, or the basic rules of common sense. I’ve run out of sympathy for them. There’s a saying that “you can’t con an honest man,” which I take to be literally true.

Unconscious Incompetence

The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. They may deny the usefulness of the skill. The individual must recognise their own incompetence, and the value of the new skill, before moving on to the next stage. The length of time an individual spends in this stage depends on the strength of the stimulus to learn

It’s entirely possible to live your entire life (and a lot of people do) without ever realising there could possibly be anything deficient with your own reasoning capability, even though it may be dismal. It’s one of those “you won’t know it until you know it” things. I’m sure there are many things that I could be doing better, or am entirely ignorant of without even knowing there’s something to be ignorant about. If the deficit is not made clear to me in unambiguous terms by someone who DOES know, or a pure fluke of reading, I’ll never be the wiser.

It helps to read a lot and research as I am one to do. But a lot of people just don’t spend their lives absorbing lots and lots of weird facts and bits about the world, so the chances of them running into the information by chance is greatly reduced.

I’m not saying this is great, nor am I saying someone shouldn’t point at them and go “oy! Learn to reason!”. But I mean that’s kinda insulting, “Like what? I can’t reason?! I’m WRONG about my whole worldview!? Screw YOU!”… the very problem of not appreciating objective reason can defeat a chance of actually obtaining an appreciation for it.

This is exactly why forums such as these are so important
Here you can test your knowledge and see if what you believe is as concrete as you think it is. You should not be too sensitive if someone calls you out!
Insult me, call me the worst thing that you want and I will only get sronger, “Thank for helping me out. Anything else that you would like to get off your chest. Please dont hold out.”