Levels of Stupid

The Malay’s have got it down to an art-form:

The level of stupidity is defined from mild to severe from top to bottom:

Bodoh (pronounced bo-doh):
Generally the same as when you use the word ‘stupid’.

Benak (pronounced buh-nak):
Very slow to learn. Always don’t get the point. Blur.

Sengal (pronounced se-ngal):
Originally this word refers to numb and painful part of the body like your joints, etc. But this usage refers to the respective subject’s brain. Therefore it refers to someone who is generally intelligent, but behave like a complete numbnuts. Sometimes topped with some major ego.

Bongok (pronounced bo-ngok):
A little bit more stupid than Bodoh. Typically referring to a group of people that have similarly stupid ideals, i.e. the government, a body, a company, a union. Can also be used to individuals for the same level of stupidity.

Bangang (pronounced baa-ngang):
An idiot. Also used for stupidly horny bastards.

Bahlul / Bahlol (pronounced bah-lol):
Complete idiot. Those who have the knowledge but for some reason completely refuse to use them. Think of these people that have their intelligence switch turned off on purpose.

Bengap (pronounced buh-ngap):
Generally stupid, and takes very hard lession to learn. Slightly lower level than ‘complete idiot’

Tolol (pronounced to-lol):
Completely stupid, and will never ever learn regardless of how much you teach this person. His brain just simply unable to learn anything beyond what he knows. In other words, a lost case.

Sewel (pronounced say-whale):
Silly. Crazy. Completely lost it.