Load shedding

Can’t afford such toys. And I rent the place, so presumably I can’t go play around with their electrical system.

Don’t know what the problem is anyway. As I understand it, a power station works by burning coal, to heat water to make steam, which turns the turbines for the generators. Now why don’t we just replace the coal with our numerous politicians? They spew enough hot air…

Goodness knows, there’s more than enough of them. Sadly however, your suggestion won’t work because our politicians are so adept at dodging the law that even the laws of thermodynamics are no longer safe…

Slightly less seriously ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), Eskom also has a few pumped storage plants. During the blackouts, they use some of the power to pump water back up into the reservoir in order to increase generation capacity during peak hours. (Tangentially, it may be worth noting that this is the thermodynamic equivalent of changing from coal to R200 notes.)


I’m pretty sure this is what the generators run on at Nkandla.

I see there are petrol, diesel and digital generators available. I assume the digital one runs on toes and fingers.


Or perhaps they work on electricity… :slight_smile:

I did a bit of sidewalk astronomy again last night, and one guy said that he just came back from the Eastern Cape and that most of the wind turbines were not working. That Eskom does not want to pay. Is this true Rigel? What’s the inside information down there?

And in the meantime, my power is now switched off two to three times every week. Some of my colleagues and friends tell me theirs is NEVER switched off. Another tells me his power is off from 8 to 10 every evening. They can’t even do the load shedding right.

Don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised, especially now that our esteemed president has announced to some obsequious parliamentary ovation that even more of your tax money will be funneled into the paralysedstatal’s coffers.

On the other hand, in high winds the Siemens SWT 2.3 MW turbines are capable of parking themselves in a safe position, so there may well be a non-fiscal reason why most of them appear inactive at certain times. Of course, no wind is also a rare but obvious explanation for a stationary wind farm. Naturally, this cannot be blamed on government, but is a clear and direct consequence of over consumption on the part of the Dromedaris, Reijger and Goede Hoop.