Logo contest

First thing I want to do is get a nice logo or something. If you have an idea, post it here.

Maybe something like this:

Just a few… still browsin when I get the time… :slight_smile:




that 3rd one looks scary

Thanks :wink:

It does!!!

Is actually a play on the Rorschach psychological inkblot test… Think it’s quite cute…
Eerie though!!

I have been meaning to ask about this: I have prepared an image, but I cannot upload it for display.

What am I missing?


It should work - if you still have problems, email it to me.

These are the file restrictions:

Max attachment size per post: 256KB
Max size per attachment: 192KB
Max number of attachments per post: 5

edit: oops, regular members didn’t have permission to attach files. Try it now.

Here’s a first-pass submission to gauge the response, and possibly refine the idea through the suggestions of others if it is felt worth pursuing. I envisage some text, e.g. “SA Sceptics on the Web” (or something like it), plus a URL, on the image. One or more of the letters could serve as a handle for the magnifying glass.


I was thinking around the same lines…
I was thinking to use a round magnifying glass with the word skeptic skewed or distorted in the same way that they use for hiding numbers and text (like when you join certain groups to keep out bots)… but I think incorporating the flag is a good idea…


I like the inkblot one and the SA one the best so far…

Looking for ideas on my side…

I like this one:


and something like this… creepy:


Thanks, but I think a simple logo that will also look good in black and white is a good idea.

I thought of something around putting the pieces of the puzzle together…


Wow, some really nice ones! Well done.

I sometimes wish our Creator has seen it fit to endow me with some creativity. sigh I’ll just have to accept it was the dashing good looks I got instead which evens the scales.

Nice one Wandapec - some very capable artwork there.! Although, to be strictly realistic, a puzzle is best drawn with at least one piece in the Hoover.


How about a picture of Africa with a magnifying glass on SA? That way its more geographical than political, just a thought :slight_smile:

How about a picture of Africa with a magnifying glass on SA? That way its more geographical than political, just a thought

Enough talk … lets see the art! :wink:


Lilli sent me this logo. Still a work in progress apparently, but I quite like it. :slight_smile:

I got some inspiration after yesterdays post - going with the more black and white option. One has a shadow and one doesn’t, just so you can see the difference. Can get rid of Madagascar. Also, can change the font to whatever, or lengthen it etc…

Wandapec: I’ve stolen that last logo you posted for a mock-up for a little project we’re working on for Sceptics in the Pub. I won’t publish it or anything just yet… if you have any objections to us using it, please shout :slight_smile: