Make this Homoeopathy sceptic "see the light"

I had no idea that homoeopaths claimed they could cure this!

I have regular astigmatism, one of the conditions that Dr. Nancy Malik claims was discovered by homoeopaths and is presumably able to cure with homoeopathy. Seeing (or not, ha ha) as I am long overdue for a new pair of glasses, perhaps I should give homoeopathy a fair shake and see if a homoeopath can cure me within a month. Why one month? Any longer and I may think that it is not working :o or it is becoming more costly than corrective lenses. If it is not working then then I can always buy a new pair of specs anyway. I can even go in to an optometrist on a weekly basis to see if my sight is improving or (as I suspect) not improving.

I hope, Dr. Nancy Malik, that you don’t complain about my negative attitude - after all, you never hear doctors complain when patients are negative about azythromycin or promethazine or diclofenac. They work regardless of the patient’s attitude.

If you would like to take personal control of my homoeopathic regimen and (remotely) prescribe preparations, I can find a local homoeopath to prepare the solutions and I can keep a video diary to show that I am taking the medication as directed. Of course during that time I won’t wear corrective lenses (so that they don’t “hold me back” fom improving / give me lazy eyes / or any such excuse). This will lead to a lot of squinting, headaches and road traffic violations, but all in the name of science I say :P.

We can hammer-out the test criteria right here. Interested?

Not a bad idea at all. I too suffer from astigmatism. Can it be that all this time I’ve been blind to the curative properties of a homeopathic preparation of Gelsemium?
I’ll gladly serve as a control for this experiment :wink:

I also have an astigmatism. Maybe, if after you have finished your homeopathic treatment and the results are not favourable, you could have the balance of your humours checked out. “Methods of treatment like blood letting, emetics and purges were aimed at expelling a harmful surplus of a humour.” I will gladly serve as the control for the next experiment! :wink:

I would like to put my psychic :smiley: abilities on the line and predict that both treatments will be as effective as each other!