NASA announced a “Earth shattering”, “one for the history books” discovery on Mars. They are not saying what yet but it is going to be “big”. a couple of years ago they also hyped up the media for a few days and then announced that Alien life was found - here on Earth. Life that was based on arsenic. That died a quiet death. Is this going to be a similar exercise?

Gosh! It sounds terribly exciting! I’m sure if they had found life they would have just come out and said so. That said, they made such a song and dance last time over something that turned out out to be a damp squib that they have surely learned their lesson?

Naah…they found a BIG MAC wrapper

Maybe they found a source of water.

If not, it could be a Mars Bar full of little green drunks right next to the Cydonia Fried Amoeba franchise. Or maybe it’s something like Howard Wolowitz did


Maybe it is proof of Zuma’s bond for his homestead.

OK, it might be the methane thing again:–

Still, the news that there might be life in Florida is still interesting.

heh, only if it’s intelligent. which as we know… >:D


My guess would be proof of the extraterrestrial origin of Donald Trump’s hair.

Obama’s birth certificate, sorry I just had to

Zuma’s matric certificate and proof of his legitimate two degrees. (Not the honorary stuff)

Time to call Jack Nicholson to action!

After all the hype it turns out to be a reporter misunderstanding. Not even a contaminated container or something. :stuck_out_tongue:
No ET.