Mass Homeopathy Overdose

On the 30th January, skeptics in Britain are planning a mass homeopathic overdose to raise awareness about the reality of homeopathy and to protest against certain stores that continue to stock homeopathic remedies.

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hmmm, CaptainKlingon, feeling sleepy yet? :wink:

BTW. Whats a good “remedy” to overdose on? Some of them contain alcohol, maybe not the best ones to start with… ;D

I see Nancy Malik is having her annoying say there as well.

I see Nancy Malik is having her annoying say there as well.

I saw her frequent tweets on the 1023 website and followed the link to her twitter page; she’s all over the place I honestly don’t know where she finds the time for her “patients” as well. >:D

BTW. Whats a good "remedy" to overdose on?

My theory is Cpt. Klingon did it all wrong. He should’ve powdered the remedy and taken only a single grain… Now at that potency it should surely kill you instantly.

Haha, the Captain has hit the big time! He got mentioned on Skepchick
Only as “some South African skeptic” though

Something for a non-specific or ill-defined condition that exhibits a broad range of fairly common symptoms, for example stress or headaches or general anxiety. Ideally, the solvent should be water, unless you’re okay with a sugar-spike or have a special liking for the flavour and effects of surgical alcohol… :wink:

Well, yes, that’s not entirely unexpected. It’s exactly as we sceptics have been saying all along: succussion and dilution do not an effective remedy make. That seems now to apply as much to homoeopaths themselves as to their preparations.

And the answer is … Wait for it … Yes, it’s HTS, or Homoeopathic Time-Slices! (Note: this also explains the amount of thought that goes into “Dr” Nancy Malik’s inane postings.)


Today’s the day - there is going to be totalmayhem in London!

“Dr.” Nancy Malik is a busy little bee on the 10:23 twitter page, claimimg that the news anchors are being paid by big pharma…LOL!! ;D

The sympathy events in Sydney and in Christchurch have already happened, no - one suffered any ill effects, not that we are surprised.

ten23 Homeopathy Protest - Sydney 2010


No deaths or emergency room visits due to homeopathic overdoses reported.

You can watch a news report about the New Zealand homeopathic overdose here.

Note in the comment section on the 3News website below the report - our friend Dr. Nancy Malik. Damn, that woman is everywhere.

I posted a reply that is probably not going to make it through moderation:

Hi Nancy! You're still peddling your homeopathic snake oil, I see. Missing you. Luvvies & huggles.


Maybe that’s why Nancybabe’s such a subcontinental pain: not enough “Luvvies & huggles” - only homeopathic shots…