maxillo facial plastic surgery in Italy

Italy is the most representative reference of plastic and cosmetic surgery in the world, and Dr. Giuseppe Spinelli in one of the best surgeon in Italy. You can find more infos visiting his website (see my signature).
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If I athk you to thort out my front teeth, could you leave one out tho I can thtill thlurp my thpaghetti through it?

Its cheaper to do in Cape Town, and you get 5 star spa treatment thrown in for the week or so as well, a plastic surgery holiday, so to speak.

i’m still is dismayed shock to hear that a boob-job cost like R25k. dreams dashed right there.

Hey, back in the day, you took a loan at the bank and then claim it back on your tax return as medical costs… win-win situation. ;D

Think its changed a bit now though… :confused:

The Cape Town council will pay if you’re a resident and ratepayer. They think having ugly people in the city is detrimental to tourism.

Technically (this is a joke, calm down), a boob-job is not facial surgery. But then, it may be considered in-your-face if you’re the lucky male receiving. Don’t even get me started on the male GIVING (I’ll let your imagination finish this sentence…).

eeeuw. moobs.


I’m sensing a new enterprise - Rwenzori Cheapo Mammary Expansions LLC. I mean, a caulking gun is like R20, and a cartridge of silicone sealant not much more. Self-sealing muck it is too. I’ll have to see what our medical ethics consultant Dr. Mengele Jr. has to say about it.

The mooooobs reminds that when I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and having to undergo hormone treatment (they pump you full of estrogen for 3 months) my gynea… oops my urologist choons me “Don’t stress if your boobs grow we’ll just give you a double mastectomy” I almost puked! (wtf!!) At least my hair (on my head) grew and the bald spot disappeared.

the upside is, you dont have nag your missus to cop a feel anymore…