I got the attached send to me and what a load of bull, even if it was signed by somebody. My favourite is #10 at the end that tells you that you are going to loose intelligence if you eat microwaved food, but the test was on plants, oh my mistake, plant score high in IQ tests. I also bet you that if I were to run this experiment I am going to get a very different result.

Yes, it’s baloney, which is obvious to anyone who understands the basic workings of a microwave oven. The radiation it uses is non-ionising EM.


Doesn’t cooking food normally also denature proteins, DNA, etc?

For certain char-grilling stuff does.

Yes, but it doesn’t corrupt the DNA in your food, so that your body cannot recognize it… ;D

Yeah, you want your brain magnetized and polarized. ::slight_smile:

If you are in the kitchen, and somebody calls you on your cell phone, and you accidentally answer and it turns out to be a salesman or mother in law, you can open the microwave oven and stick the phone in. The signal will break up as if you have a bad connection. Eventually people will cotton on to your caginess , but you should be alright faraday or two.


Rigil, I see what you did there. However, perhaps microwave ovens’ greatest service to humanity is that they inflict maximum damage on Gheorghe Zamfir CDs for a tiny energy input. And the fireworks, while brief, are spectacular!


At the school where I work I have been charged with teaching the kids an appreciation of classical music. Said one of my colleagues: “I LOVE classical music! Especially of course the pan flute!”

Where’s the microwave when you need one…

But if truth be told, I loved Zamfir when I was a kid. Plus, those were the days before CDs or microwave ovens.

Say, perhaps one of the deleterious effects of microwave ovens is that if you microwave a Mozart flute concerto, it turns into a Zamfir pan flute CD? They should do some experiments and see…