Mighty Men Conference

It turns out that Jesus was busy this weekend on a farm in Greytown! Anyone claiming that Jesus was busy in their part of the world is going to have to provide some pretty good evidence and an explaination of how he can be at different places at the same time? Angus Buchan who wrote Faith Like Potatoes kept Jesus on his toes the whole weekend - imagine going to a conference in your honour and you have to work the whole weekend as well?! :wink:

What I find really funny is that given that fact that Jesus was at the conference doing all that saving etc., they completely didn’t trust in his abilities, although he got all the credit.

What was the reason Jesus stepped in and was so busy? The media spokesperson Bruce Winship seems to think it was convenience. All those people came all this way to listen to Buchan’s bull; can you imagine he was not available to chat to them? Jesus must have seen this inconvenience and averted the crisis.

It’s quite simple, really: Omnipresence – but not of mind, which is why it’s simple…

In any case, Angus is lying for Jesus here. There was nothing seriously wrong with him.


Yes, 'L64 (OK with you?), I have a sneaky suspicion you’re right! What better way to get the limelight focussed on yourself again after the elections? Have you seen the headlines: Zuma’s nowhere compared to Buchan’s heat stroke or something. Does anyone think the man is stupid? Or the team of advisers he’s gathered? There’s no doubt in my mind that he will shortly ask all and sundry to bring along their sick, their crippled and blind.

Apologies for first missing this: By all means, yes! Any abbreviation is fine just so long as it’s clear who is being addressed.


Oh and apparently they had to charge gate fees, because the neighbor who’s land
The campers had to use, couldn’t plant his crops this year

Let me wonder why then having this Mighty Morea Conference not after the harvest?
Could THIS have been more profitable? ::slight_smile:

Very convenient that they had an ECG machine standing by just in case…

I wonder if that is standard paramedic equipment. But then, they didn’t settle for just having those… Why settle for paramedics when you can have two doctors on hand as well… ;D

We seem to not realize exactly how much excitement goes with a Conference like that???

But they didn’t have to use it on one of their “fans” so I guess the Show were kind of boring, have to lift it a pitch next year, make it worth their money! ::slight_smile:

Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago my family was hit but very tragic news. My dad’s brother, Alan Rowe, was murdered on his farm in Rietvlei. His farm is about 20km down the road from the location of the Mighty Men Conference along the Mooi River/Greytown road.

I would be interested to hear Angus Buchan’s explanation as to why Jesus was in the area only 2 weeks before casting spells and doing tricks less than 20km from where my uncle was shot and yet on that evening … nothing. I know the real reason!

I really hope they catch those stupid $%#@ers!

We went down to the memorial service where members of the family and friends gave eulogies and reminisced about his life; we all laughed and cried together - it was a very sad experience. What really got to me and in my opinion spoilt the remembering of my uncle was the religious nonsense that the priest blabbered on about and the hymns that were sung. It just cheapened the whole point of the memorial. He went on and on about Psalm 23:4 and that we don’t know why Jesus would let something like this happen but that he has a plan! WTF! I couldn’t believe how much it infuriated me! I have copied Arthur C. Clarke and have stipulated in my will that “Absolutely no religious rites of any kind, relating to any religious faith, should be associated with my funeral.”

Hi there,
My heart goes out to you and your family. My deepest sympathies. Sometimes ministers and priests alike are insensitive to the feelings of family members, and generally they have no clue as to the scriptures or hymns that would be appropriate to that individual. They also don’t take the time to find what that person was like or how the family would prefer the sermon to be led. They are arrogant in the sense that they are learned and know what should be said. As for Jesus, well due to my faith I just rather not debate the subject. I actually organised my own funeral, from music to the scriptures. This way nothing can be said in death that I wouldn’t want to hear while I was here. Saves the family the grief of listening to some hot headed preacher telling them where I am going or how I am going to get there.

Pink Panther

Wandapec also my deepest sympathies and yeah I would like to hear the religious “rational” explanation to where gawd were when this cruel act took place! Fortunately I didn’t have to attend a funeral after my de-conversion yet, because if I hear this “plan” from gawd it drives me sick to the stomach. Never did understand how there was a plan behind a murder, rape of a 3yr old or cancer of children, worse of all perhaps the fact that the person who committed these crime, may only ask for forgiveness and according to their “rational” minds, enter heavens gates! ???
Such an easy way to feel GOOD about yourself again and perhaps much easier next time to commit such crimes!!!

Pink great plan you’ve got there, think I must consider it myself! :wink:

Thanks for the messages everyone.

Wandapec, condolences from me too.

Never did understand how there was a plan behind a murder, rape of a 3yr old or cancer of children, worse of all perhaps the fact that the person who committed these crime, may only ask for forgiveness and according to their “rational” minds, enter heavens gates! Huh?
Justifications, justifications and more justifications!!!


Considering that this is the thread that lead me to this forum, I’ll add my 2c

A few years ago this wonderful country of ours saw the birth of a cult. Whilst I noted this event with initial fascination, I am progressively becoming horrified with what is happening.

An English potato farmer (of all bloody things), fell unto hard times in 2003, and decided to write a book on his faith in the Lord, named “Faith like Potato’s”. His success, moved him to have a conference in the name of God on his farm, and the first “Mighty Men conference” was born – its first gathering attracted 240 men, the next 600 and then 1060, and 7 400 in 2006, in 2007 it attracted some 60 000 afrikaans speaking men – it is for men only – as per the traditional Afrikaner faith.

“God gave me a directive to turn fathers back to sons and sons back to fathers, to take back the family unit,” he explained, saying he was still pinching himself to see whether it had not all been a dream. unquote

“To be prophet, priest and king. They must be the breadwinners, protect their wives and discipline their children.” unquote


This year, he attracted some 200 000 men. He charged camping fees, entrance fees and had a collection at each “show”. You go do the math. A potato farmer generates far FAR less than this for his yearly toil. (I guess faith like potato’s DO apply in his case though)

He is currently travelling the world doing his evangelical thing, but not for the foreigners, no, no, he seeks out the Afrikaans speaking people in the foreign countries (he’s got a gullible audience).

Now, my afrikaner kappie got rattled this morning with the following article:


Women get own ‘Mighty Men’
Her aim is to fill the vacuum left by the fact that Angus Buchan speaks to men at his Mighty Men Conferences, while there is no one to deliver the complementary message to women. unquote

Ok, fair enough, but then:

And yes, this means she will be talking to women about subservience. And no, according to Wiid, subservience has nothing to do with being subordinate or being a doormat.

She explained that when the Bible said a woman was her husband’s helper, it actually meant she was his warrior. She was the stronger one in times of crises; she was his protector. unquote


Anointing your husband
There will also be other elements, such as teaching the women to anoint their husbands. The women will receive a specially blended ointment for this purpose. unquote


Out of all my hunting around the webs this morning, I found ONE SINGLE LONE female voice trying to bring some attention to what is happening and it was obscurely tucked away in the middle of a column about our daughters – she too don’t have the guts to blatantly speak out aloud against the men in this country:


Which is why something like Angus Buchan Mighty Men Conferences are problematic. To justify male domination using the Bible in a country like this is a potentially lethal exercise. There is too much rage and psychic toxicity around for him to simplify things this way. Buchan cannot possibly address the complexities many of men in this country sit with and reinforcing their dominance in a context such as the one we are faced with is irresponsible.
Daily we read about men who murder their children and their spouses, men who rape their girlfriend’s babies as an act of revenge, men who try to beat their women into submission. The horrors are endless and what makes it worse is that men seem to feel entitled to do so. Culture and religion and the attitudes towards women that are stubbornly embedded in these two constructions or understandings of the world are the biggest threat to women in this country.
I hate the fact that I cannot trust South African men. unquote

My buzz about this whole Angus Buchan thing, is that he’s not duping a portion of a population, he’s attracting a whole culture, and it spells disaster for the women and the future of the children who will be indoctrinated into these beliefs. As it stands, the majority of afrikaners lack the ability to think for themselves, to logically and systematically analyze a situation and act on it, they’re the perfect flock to gather around a strong male voice that speaks in the the name of God, and this saddens me.

Hi Faerie and welcome to the forum, :wink:

While I agree with just about everything you say about Angus Buchan, there are some things I need to correct…

As it stands, the majority of afrikaners lack the ability to think for themselves, to logically and systematically analyze a situation and act on it, they're the perfect flock to gather around a strong male voice that speaks in the the name of God,

That is such a sweeping generalisation and an incorrect and insulting one at that, perhaps you should consider rephrasing what you said.


Also, there are many people speaking out against Angus Buchan, George Claasen springs to mind. I have also written about the Mighty Mens’ attitude with regard to women on my blog, it’s not one of the more popular blogs, but more people who speak out against Buchan, the better.

Apologies for the generalisation, and if its insulting to anybody on this board, its certainly not my intent, however, in my experience this is the truth and I stand by my opinion. Explain why there are so few English speaking men attending?

I think many Afrikaner men are still searching for a dependable post-1994 identity that doesn’t completely strip them of authority. That is why Angus Buchan’s message resonates with them.


Well said and closer to the truth than my analogy. It also fits in with their religious/cultural upbrining.

Funnily enough, I’ve encountered quite a few english speaking men who rave about the Mighty Men conferences. I just put it down to people being taken in by Buchan’s BS or woo woo in general.

His whole attitude towards women grates me no end!!

What gets me is the fact that without exception, the women I’ve come across think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Only when I start pointing out what to me seems obvious, they start getting edgy and unsettled.

I guess it is just too hard for some to let go of the good times and move on?