Mintaka sez hi ...

Hi All

My name is Ronnie, and I am a sceptic. It has been 3 days since my last critical thought.

Some of my likes are: archery, astronomy, a good book, most things scientific, nature, bicycling, motorcycling, koi keeping and, embarrassingly enough, bass fishing.

Dislikes are basically most things mainstream, so no, I don’t get invited to a lot of parties. (Or maybe its because I’m a compulsive grammar corrector …)

This seems to me like a wonderful forum, and I enjoy its South African flavour. Hope to spend many a happy hour here annoying its intellectual giants with piffling non-arguments!

Many thanks and best holiday wishes from the Eastern Cape,

Welcome Ronnie.

Another sceptic touched by “the [sic]-ness”. :wink:

Hee hee. Have been watching from the sidelines with interest.

Pulls box of popcorn closer

Hi, I’m Spike (or rather, I looked around wildly for a name when registering for the forum, and spotted Spike (Spikey, my 12-year old arthritic ginger hairball-prone cat).

... I'm a compulsive grammar corrector ...

Er, sorry. My grammar is terrible, because I never listened at school. I preferred my own system, which was reading English books and intuitively getting things more or less right enough for an A (second language). I have since realised that rules (and verbs) are somewhat important in languages, so I am doing the best I can.

But I challenge you to a vocabulary contest! Those books had some purpose, after all.


Nah, the grammar thing was really just a little joke. I probably get my is’s and are’s mixed up more regularly than most.

But I’ll accept your vocabulary challenge, and we can start interfrastically.