My guitar is gone

Came home after being away this weekend to find my place burgled. The only irreplaceable possession they took was my guitar, although I haven’t had time to go through everything yet. What is weird is that they didn’t take my computer or LCD screen, left my cd’s and even a cell phone. They moved it but left it in the middle of the floor. Took the tv and microwave and some hiking gear - and a cheap wall clock!

Bloody inconvenience waiting for the forensic team to show up… so I’m venting untill I can start touching things again. >:( >:( >:(

ag no wtf (wtf!!)
this seems very dodgy. how suspect is your domestic?
this sounds very much a case of affirmative shopping.

How’d they get in? Ag nooit, its always horrible, 'specially if they take sentimental things, PC’s and TV’s are’nt really a great loss (aside from what might be stored on a hard-drive), but when they start taking really “personal” things, it can be flippin devastating.

Good luck.

No, nothing like that.

They came in through a small side window - no burglar bars. Took the glass out completely and must have taken it with them because I can’t find it anywhere.

Um, my PC is really personal :wink:
I would be seriously pissed if that was gone. Must be The Noodly one that reached out and kept all the forum data safe from harm ;D

sounds to me like youths. any burglar worth his salt will steal stuff he can sell again.
i would keep an eye out at local pawn shops for you guitar and hiking stuff.
the whole thing doesnt sound like a random thievery. sounds like kids being naughty, like the clock. i mean, wtf?

Duuude! Noooooo! Your guitar! That’s like steeling one of your children. Shit! Give us the make and model (plus brief description) and I will put the word out through some of my contacts in the music world and music retail industry. I have 4 guitars in my home (total value around R50,000) and each one of them is like a child to me. I mean even my avatar (and screen background on my mobile) is my favourite Yamaha AE500 jazz guitar.

Shit BluEGrAY - I’m really sorry bro. You must be devastated. You must feel like putting in a missing person’s report and putting pictures of her head and neck on milk cartons. I feel your pain.

Spoken like a true Muso, Steve…sorry BG the whole deal sounds very fishy…feel for you!

Hehe, Stevo, my guitar is nothing fancy like yours. But I’ve had it for a while and I’ll miss it. Will be checking pawn shops in the area, might get lucky…

Stuff like this just sucks so very much. I’m sorry.

Our children don’t have to be fancy for us to love them. But as you say … the tyke will be missed. Sigh.

It’s a guitar. Get over it. Get a nicer one…B-)

It is not JUST a guitar! If someone stole everything in my house, my books, PC, hi-fi’s, car, RC planes, you name it…

I would miss my guitar the most. Everything else can be replaced, but a guitar has got that sound you won’t find again, that feel on the fretboard that’s just “familiar”. Damn dude, deepest sympathies, it’s obvious all the guitar owners here weep with you. :frowning:

jeez dude, feel for you, I’d be shattered if my guitar and flute were stolen, the other thing I live in fear of is my dogs been poisoned. I’d be seriously tested not to feed my bigotry, at times like that I have to replay the mantra “what would Nelson Mandela do” to put things in perspective.

“What would Nelson Mandela do”…
Oh, just have to share my Xmas carol with you then!

Comrade Nelson, he looked out
On the slums of Cape Town
Where the murk lay round about
Deep, and thick, and dark brown
Dimly shone the moon that night
For the smog was cruel
When a poor man he did sight
Siphoning off his fuel

“Comrade, come and stand by me
Get your mind off screwing
Yonder skollie, who is he
And what the fuck’s he doing”

“Boss, he lives across the fence
Making a petrol fountain
He lives up near the forestry fence
Up on Table mountain…”

To be concluded (when I find the rest of it B-)