My skeptical tweets

A strange post I know, quoting myself is most probably one of those things you just don’t do. I do have a reason however, apart from trying to get more people to follow me on twitter that is ;D .

Please read below and do a type of peer review on the accuracy of what I wrote, remembering that I only had 140 characters to play with.Thanks.

Almost forgot, do any of you have twitter accounts that you sometimes post skeptically to?

Science does not have followers, only practitioners. It does not give advice, it only allows us to ask questions within certain parameters.

Science and the scientific method are tools. They have no morals and do not need our belief. They are neither alive nor sentient

There are 3 types of interventions (medications). Those that have been proven to work, those that have not, and those proven to harm.

Herbal remedies are medications that are full of dirty chemicals of unknown dosages. They may heal or kill you. How lucky do you feel

Homeopathy is when the chemicals within have been diluted to nothingness. It will neither harm nor heal you.

It is not why people use non-scientific remedies that interests me, but why they don’t want to investigate what they do use

It’s fine. Keep it up!