New Posts

For the last two days or so “new” posts that I read don’t get marked as read, the “new” stays there.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is the problem on my side?

I’ve also experienced it.

Here too

Seems ok here. Please let me know if this continues.

Still doing it… :confused:

Ditto, and the ShoutBox also fails to update. The problem could be due to overenthusiastic caching but clearing out the local cache and refreshing the page doesn’t do it either.



Working fine for me.

I also have the same problem.

I had it a few weeks ago, but it seems OK now.

Still doing it for me - I agree that it may be cashing.

Click on show unread posts since last visit > click on new post > enter my own post > click on unread - new remains with me not as last poster. Click on actual link and takes me to a thread where I haven’t posted.

Clicking on direct forum link displays correct with me as last poster.

No big deal, but would like to fix if it is only on my side. I use the unread posts almost exclusively.

If I can take an educated guess: Webservers set a “modified” field on a page that browsers can query to see if they have the latest copy. If they do they can choose to not fetch (what is in theory the same thing) again. If this field is incorrectly set, maybe some browsers aren’t bothering to pick up the new content. Just a guess, I didn’t investigate. Work to do. (work work work)

I found my workaround. On unread posts since last visit shows 5 but I know I have since read 2, click on refresh and now only 3 unread shows. he he

The disappearence of my problem seems to have coincided with a change from Firefox to Chrome. What browser are you using? They may have different default caching strategies that can be changed somewhere or other.

There is also some server level caching that might interfere, but I suspect it was a temporary problem with the db that solved itself. If not please report.
If you still have problems, it would help to see the request and response headers (most browsers have devel tools these days, if you don’t know what that is, please ask :wink: )

Things to try first:
Most browsers respect Ctrl+F5, and will request to reload everything without using the cache. So try that.
Also, using incognito or private browsing mode should also not cache any files.