New skeptic.

Its actually been a bit of a journey getting here;

I grew up knowing that I was a more argumentative than my companions and have always been interested in science. Then a year ago I discovered scepticism through podcasts and all of the pieces fell into place.

I’ve been looking for a local sceptical meeting place, I was a little put off at first but after discovering this forum and lurking for a while I have decided to be more involved.

Hi from Randburg.


Wow, you posted this just as we were having our Skeptics in the Pub meeting at Cresta. Now you’ll have to wait a month.

But yeah, welcome, and hi from randburg too! :slight_smile:

So, what are you skeptical about? (except GM foods)

Hi locutis and welcome to you :slight_smile:


Resistance is futile! >:D

Congratulations on your assimilation. ;D

Welcome locutis, enjoy the stay!