Hey all. I’m not exactly “new” here, but it’s probably time I introduced myself. I’ve been registered for a while, but I’ve just been too lazy/shy to post anything. Hopefully from now on I’ll be more vocal. :wink:


welcome and dont be shy. teh interwebs are anonymous, so comment away.

Yo :smiley:



Dont be shy, like GCG says, it anonymous (well, until you attend a function or two).


Look I struggled for a while to talk “out in the open”, even if it was “out-in-the-anonymous-open” about atheism and such.

But seriously anonymity can be very liberating, I hope you chat some more. :wink:

As for functions… well me and some members here attended the same function organised by this very board and didn’t realise we all “knew eachother” until we’d left. So even then…

We’re a bunch of weirdos and we’re so used to being cast aside by general society that we dont make the effort to “fit in” anymore… that was quite funny actually.

I wouldn’t go that far. Just the other day I made a social effort by complementing a stranger on his trousers. If he wasn’t in such a hurry, I’m sure we could have become thick as thieves!


Welcome, LJ. We look forward to your posts.

Rigil, now you have decided to become a teacher, shouldn’t you make a clean break with the Volkswagen workshop?

True. And the odd thing about coveralls is that sometimes they just don’t.