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In my town’s local FB page is an ongoing “debate” about whether blacks were here before the white man or nor not. Not really a debate because all agree with the source. I’ve pointed out that the article refutes itself by claiming they did not live here but also claim that Shaka chased them out. Anyone with a bit more info on this topic?

I find the whole thing quite bizarre: Humans moved out of Africa and colonized the entire planet, including China and faraway islands all the way up and down the Americas and Russia for so long that the differences in our DNA became plainly visible… for freck sakes … but never got around to moving into South Africa from up the proverbial block? Save for a handful of tiny Xoi San tribes who seemingly chose to live in the most inhospitable parts? This makes no fucking sense. What the guy has graphed there is what the map (is claimed to have) looked like at an arbitrary point in time (when they drew the map).

Me point is we are all settlers of pretty much everywhere at some point or another… OR You go far enough back and we are all descendants of Mrs. Ples et al, and even the Chinese are originating residents of SA and Kenya … all ARBITRARY human lines drawn in the sand that could swing any way you want it to based on the timeline you pick.

Seriously, this really irks me. People should grow up and realise we drew all these lines on the planet ourselves. There’s no one true basis to any of it. (Big Air Quotes) “Americans” claiming they don’t tolerate immigrants… REALLY?!

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian. - Robert Orben

The Bantu peoples settled what is present-day South Africa around the 6th century AD. As far as I know there is ample archaeological, genetic and linguistic evidence for that.

I would be skeptical of anything published in connection to race issues on the Praag website; might as well ask the EFF’s opinion on the matter. :slight_smile:

The right wingers commonly tell us that when the Voortekkers arrived in the Free State and Transvaal, there was no one there. So just where did all those pesky Sothos and Tswanas and Vendas en Ndebeles and Shangaans suddenly come from then? Because at some point, suddenly, there they were, in such numbers that we frantically had to create new homelands in which to dump them all.

Anyway, as has been pointed out many times, by international law (or at least internationally accepted practice), if you are born in a country, you are a citizen of that country and you have exactly, precisely the same rights as any other citizen of that country, irrespective of whether your family had lived there since the Cambrian or whether your parents recently flew in from frickin’ Reykjavik.

Both the ultra-right/white power nuts and the ultra-left/black nationalist groups are doing everything in their power to create this us-versus-them thing in a country where such issues are already sensitive. They are not doing us any favours, and we should tell them all, in no uncertain terms, to go fuck themselves.

My own family has lived in this country for three centuries now. I should “go back” where exactly? Do these nuts really think Europe is going to open its doors for four million white folks? And do the right wing nuts really, honestly, think we are ever again going to go back to a system where four million people live in luxury on 87% of the land, with indentured servants doing all their dirty work for them while not having any voice in their own fucking country?

Excuse my French, but we have alarming numbers of utter nuts in this country; we’re beginning to look more and more like America.

Well they are taking in a lot of muslims, albeit with the odd scream of terror. Then again this may be exactly why they don’t want more.

But anyway, good post I agree wholeheartedly.

The admin took the “debate” off their page. Pity, I could use some of the points raised here.

Well, that is a good point. But keep in mind, European nations feel terrible guilt about colonialism, even the ones that never had any colonies. Thus, they’ll take in any amounts of any people, as long as those people aren’t tainted by colonialism or apartheid, as white South Africans no doubt are. I doubt they’ll have any of us even if there were a Rwanda-style genocide against us here… :slight_smile:

Though now that I think about it, the Spanish may well have something to say about Muslim colonialism… :slight_smile:

I wonder how many Muslims they are taking in anyway? I don’t think their infestation is going to be anywhere close to the level of white in infestation in South Africa.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore. :-[

Planets are just an arbitrary boundary that exists merely in your mind. >:D >:D >:D