Nuke the Moon

Don’t know if this is true but it just demonstrate that “power corrupt and obsolete power corrupt absolutely”. The complete arrogance of the super powers… This is like opening Tutankhamun’s coffin with dynamite.

if true, Forest Gump would’ve said “Stupid is as stupid does”

There were some very strange ideas in those tense days. Children still had weekly nuclear attack drills at school; a lot of families had bomb shelters in the garden–there were public ones for the plebs who didn’t have their own–and movies like Dr Stranglove were in the intersection of the horror and comedy genres.

I heard about this some time ago, and (it was alleged) that there was a controversy in the Pentagon as to the deployment of the weapon. There was one faction that wanted the bomb to detonate on the moon at new moon when there would be maximum contrast and hence maximum shock value for the dirty commies, but that was scuppered when a private soldier pointed out that the new moon is only in the sky during the day, so the commies wouldn’t be able to see the explosion. I don’t know how true that is.