i think he was a dreamer, that had big plans, big dreams, and ran smack-dab into the bog of red tape and politicking.
now he is simply trying to get the job done, and has had to let go of his wild, beautifull dreams, and deal with the reality that he is simply a spokesperson, and not actually the decisionmaker of the country.

I have always liked Obama. I hope he gets re-ellected.
Followed by a good Republican president.
But please never a George W.Bush :-[ ever again.

I’ve been following the republican primaries with one eye… it’s bad. Real real bad.

Andrew Sullivan’s recent piece makes for good reading. I think the subtext here is dead right - namely that he’s not given nearly enough credit for what he’s managing to do in a hostile environment.

I have also been following some of it on CNN.
They weren’t joking when they said the circus have come to town.
Mitt Romney has just stated that he does not care about the poor because there is a safety nett for them. The conservatives are up in arms, hell I think everybody is up in arms. LOL why do you need reality TV when you can watch this.