i’m an apprentice photographer.
i need the following, in no particular order:

  1. weddings, parties, events… i need to build my profile. for this, i wont charge, but ofcourse, some bucks will allso be nice, a girl’s gotta eat.
  2. an apprenticeship. with someone who can teach me studio photography. weekends, obviously. or just drag me along to jobs so i can learn.
  3. or even, people who want portraits taken. obviously, i dont have a studio, so it will be at home, or in the garden, that kind of stuff.

everybit helps.

Go google photography forums… you would probably be able to find someone to tag along with on there?

they are all noobs and beginners. all the ‘professional’ guys are too stuck up to help us. they teach, of course, but they are as expensive as they please. i have approached several studios and photographers. and most simply dont even respond, and those that do, are those who offer classes. helps me buggerall.

Majin thought about getting into the biz, but the pro’s were highly unhelpful. Some paid lip service, but you try to follow up and they want nothing to do with you.

In my opinion there’s a fear in their midst of noobs with SLR’s overrunning their market and diluting their profitability. Either that or they have millionses of people trying to do the same thing contacting them all the time and it gets tiresome. The last thing they want is people like you running around offering free services trying to get exposure (pun intended). That’s just bad for business.

Have you thought of building an online profile? Places like DeviantArt and Flickr have great online communities that will critique your work, and keep you motivated with group projects etc etc.

I would not even bother trying to learn from pro photographers, what with digital photography allowing anyone el-cheapo opportunity for experimentation. What’s the use of just mimicking someone else’s style? Rather get a book on the basics - Tom Ang is good and understandable - and go practice, practice, practice.

Also consider approaching one of these popular 4x4 training academies and volunteer as their course photographer on the day of a practical session. Many students would love a well executed picture of them scaling their first obstacle in their new car, but a camera is usually the last thing on their mind during such a white knuckled ascent.

Ditto kennel clubs, archery ranges etc.


I’ve got a regular gig at the local country market, and have had my pics in the midrand reporter and some horse magazine (whoopiee), and i did a gig for the hills puppy school. thing is, they want you to sit there for the whole day, and pay your R500, which rarely covers your petrol and drink/eats. i really want to do a wedding, that’s where the big bucks come in.
i’m busy doing a google site, and will get a decent web address as soon as I’m done

it’s still in a very scrappy stage, but any feedback or crit would be appreceated.

GCG, have you visited MBW art gallery near Crabtree & Evelyn at the Design Quarter? There are some very interesting pics that are a fascinating mix of nature photography and sci-fi. Looks like the artist superimposes elements from various photos, prints the composite photo on a canvas and then does a little painting.

One I really liked was of a pristine underwater/forest scene with some huge metal flowers growing out of the forest floor.

Found a web link!

that’s more art than photography, and using photoshop. that wont help me at all, since i allready have the creative eye. i want to learn how to use studio lighting, reflecters, natural light, angles… looking at collages, while visually appealing, wont do me any good. thanx tho.

Maybe try the Outdoorphoto forums ??? Don’t aim for pros, there is plenty of serious amateurs with plenty of serious kit willing to show people the ropes. If after asking nicely you still get no response maybe it’s time to consider paying for courses (it’s an unfortunate fact of life that time is money … my dream is to fly but I’m still looking for free PPL lessons)

GCG when I as an absolute amateur look at your pics I reckn you are a star. Concentrate on your particular focus (excuse the pun) and get your stuff out for people to see. I personally believe weddings will quickly piss you off despite the money. Publicise Adele’s PETPICS and create a small home based studio for animal/birds etc type portraits or do it in people’s homes. I’m sure many mommies will pay big bucks to have their tabbies immortalised.

fank brian. i should propably think of getting kit slowly but surely. but since im dragging my ass throught the month on mere cents to spare, there is not exactly an overload of opportunites for doing just that.