Pope speaks his mind

The Pope has condemned ‘aggressive secularism’ and compared atheism to the forces of Nazism

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Like wow and stuff. How many buildings have atheists flown into again?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. What a stupid little man.

i heard a story from a work colleage of mine, that the pope was an SS officer in the war. how true is that?

Here’s a piece from my book on this arseholes holier than thou shit:

[quote] “Political leaders, kings and presidents were mostly guilty of these activities; they were often dishonest and lied to their followers.”
“But were they not caught out by their lies?” one of the older girls asked.
"Sometimes they were, but more often they used force or false information to keep their lies hidden. During a terrible and vicious war in the mid 20th century, the leader of the German people, a man called Adolph Hitler, convinced his followers that the Jewish people were a curse on the earth and had to be eradicated. He created falsities to scare his people that an evil existed and that the state should take every step possible to protect their homeland. This gave him the power to invade other countries and eventually to kill over 6 million Jewish people. Adolph Hitler was a Catholic and often used this to justify his actions against the so-called Christ-killers. The same tactics were used some 60 years later by the American government to pass laws which limited individual freedoms in the name of the so-called war against people they thought were a threat to their nation. They thus created an illusion that the country was in danger of imminent attack. Using this they mobilised their armed forces and attacked countries which had nothing to do with the supposed threat. There was also another man called Artuković who in a country called Croatia was found guilty by the authorities of the mass murder of Serbs, Jews, gypsies and other minorities. He had studied at a Franciscan Monastry which was part of the Catholic Church much like the Jesuits here. This all happened during the Second World War. When he fled after the war, he was assisted by Franscican monks to flee. Many other war criminals were helped by the so-called Vatican Ratlines to escape justice and they fled to other countries. It was well established that the Vatican actively sheltered and assisted war criminals."


and they let this oke kiss babies?!

He was part of the Hitler Youth. Arguably, didn’t have much of a choice, but yeah. Don’t know what he did back then.


I feel like puking just looking at that… URGGGGHHHH




Wow, now even the pope acts in accordance with Godwin’s law.

According to which, we were bound to be called Nazi’s at some point or another.

I think my favourite part is:

The Pope spoke of Britain's deep Christian roots and later, in an apparent attack on human rights laws, used a sermon to 70,000 Roman Catholics in Glasgow to condemn 'arbitrary freedoms'.
(wtf!!) Exactly how arbitrary is freedom of religion? And freedom of speech? And freedom of thinking? Seriously! This kind of thing makes me want to fly an atheist plane into a building... (just to be destructive and get rid of pent-up aggression, not to cause any physical harm to any person or property, of course)

Whatever he’s up to, mention of the pope (and I refuse to capitalise* the title of the most useless and biggest crook CEO position ever) always reminds me of a grave practical dilemma facing rationalists: Which one is really worse: an interminable succession of I-know-something-very-special-that-no-one-else-does-because-I-can-read-and-interpret-scripture-for-myself protestants (not capitalised*), or a small self-appointed catholic (not capitalised*) elite that pontificates to its indentured followers about what is right and what is wrong?

I keep changing my mind about the answer. I suppose such indecision means they’re equally disturbing on average. :-\


[b]*[/b]Capitalisation would denote a respect, the apparent according of which would leave me seriously remiss in honestly indicating my truly felt disdain.

So criticising an institution for protecting paedophiles makes you … like the Nazis. Interesting. I think the Pope needs help with Logic 101.

OK so I read the article and the inaccuracy and hypocrisy of the Unholy Father’s statements made me pretty furious. Luckily they had a quote from someone with a bit of sense that calmed me down.

“Philosopher AC Grayling, an outspoken atheist, said: 'The suggestion that Hitler and Stalin were atheist extremists is a terrible canard.
'Hitler was born a Catholic and sent his Wehrmacht into battle with Gott Mit Uns [God with us] stamped on their buckles. It is characteristic of people of religious persuasion to use phrases like atheist extremist.
‘But we are speaking frankly, which is not quite the same as tying someone to a stake and burning them.’”

"He praised Christianity - including non-Catholic denominations - as the foundation of respect for truth, justice, mercy and charity. They stem, Benedict said, from ‘a faith that remains a mighty force for good in your kingdom’.


I see far more respect for the above amongst secularists than anywhere else. He might also feel free to substitute the word “Christianity” for any other other religion, and I still feel my comment would be valid.

Intelligent toddlers know and respect truth etc without it having to be linked to wooden crosses, torture and eternal damnation.

Protest the Pope


Protest the Pope

Atheist Boris Johnson certainly looks bemused. Well, more like stoned, really.

Churches, schuls and mosques are the preyground of the unwary!

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Great stuff, Peter. When will we ever see and hear it in Middelburg?

You really want the poep to visit Middelburg?