Power balance scam doing the rounds

So I overheard some murmurs at a party over the weekend about this “Power balance bracelet” thing that “really works”, but before I could chip in the party went another direction, and I let it slide… how folly of me… Getting into the office I started hearing similar claims from others all over the place. Couldn’t stop getting earfuls of how crazy stupid-fly this bracelet is… So here’s a heads-up skeptics: Someone is making a killing selling a bracelet that has a holographic sticker on it and claims to “correct your bodies frequencies” and other such nonsense. They do the classic “I can’t push you over if you’re wearing the bracelet” trick, known to be a placebo effect since forever…

Linky to the site: http://www.powerbalance.net/

Holy Crap!!! :o

Have you seen how much those magic doodahs are selling for here??

Power Balance S.A.

Woo does generally seem to be a profitable business. What must that bracelet cost to make? couple of rand? Sometimes it’s enticing to think about launching a woo-brand of my own.

Cheap ones don’t work as well. Placebo studies have proved this ::slight_smile:

Yup, if I can only get around my conscience :wink:

One could always build a MLM network to sell science books. >:D

A fool and his money are soon parted. My Dad told me that just before he lost it all investing in elephant hair mosquito nets…

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. :wink:

Now elephant hair powerbalance bracelets - there’s something to go into.

Reminds me of my Mother that spent about R16 000 way back then (around 1988 - moer of a lot of money back then) when I was 16 on some woo master that claimed that he could balance my emotions/hormonal/rebellious issues and inadequacies with some weird machine, I was strapped into this gadget weekly for about six weeks until the last session when I stuck bubblegum into some of the knobs and levers. After this episode my mother gave up on having my rebellion “cured” and left me for the Devil. ;D

She still loves all alternative therapies… :-\

True. Lost all mine on a gym. What could possibly go wrong?

What about Quantum Elephant Nano-Hair Powerbalance bracelets? We could make a mint! St0nes could join us.

Sounds good!
St0nes should be head of research since his dad has already established that elephants don’t go for mosquito hairnets. Quantum elephants might of course behave differently, but elephants generally come across well balanced; perhaps powerbalance bracelets would sell better among giraffes?

perhaps your target market should more closely resemble a species that boasts opposable thumbs?

But, as with all this type of crap, if they were cheap, then they wouldn’t be as effective, now, would they?

We’ve been spammed.


Thanks, please let me know via the ‘report to moderator’ link at the bottom of the post when it happens again.

Valheru #20/20HP Level 1 Mage> look

You are in a cramped room devoid of light. A rusty piece of chain lies in the corner.

Exits are N, E.

Valheru #20/20HP Level 1 Mage> cast flamestrike chain

Your flamestrike >>>ANIHILATES<<< the mimic (1hp). The mimic is DEAD!

Valheru #20/20HP Level 1 Mage> pilf corpse

The corpse of the mimic contains:

A tarnished metal bracelet

Valheru #20/20HP Level 1 Mage> cast identify bracelet

Knowledge about the artifact floods your consciousness.

Power Balance Bracelet [-10] [Cursed]

Valheru #20/20HP Level 1 Mage> equip bracelet

You are too high a level to equip it.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Valerie, you are a real tjop!

And just how did Valeru know it was a mimic??