Pray for Zuma

I read this article - Pray for Zuma - on Sunday, not sure if any of you saw it. I understand that a person in a position such as the president of a country, would need advice from people “in the know” in order to make informed decisions. Mr. Zuma has skipped a few steps along the way, as we all know - or maybe he just took the wrong advice from the wrong person? Advice like this -

(wtf!!) Maybe this is what he meant, instead of sleeping around with other women, take the advice of Lot and his family - get together in a cave with your daughters, and keep it out of the press?!

More evidence that prayer clearly doesn’t work -

Now check out this for great advice, what do you think he is trying to say here? “Don’t stress about your disgusting behaviour and the terrible example you have been setting. Forget about it and move on”

I saw it, but tried to place it out of my mind, Buchan is one of those people that just pisses me off solid. And for Zille to go on her knees with this idiot had me throw my hands up in the air in dispair and disgust.

His preachings of what a woman’s place should be does not compare well with her standing in society. She’s an idiot for associating with him and so is he - only problem with idiots in “high-standing” is that they can cause irreparable damage to society - Malema is another case in point here.

The only reason this has taken place is because they need to fight back with the Zuma/Rhema church assosiation. Ammo to guide the xtians? Fark knows, but there aint no god big or strong enough to haul us out of the mess thats on its way…

Strange how the line between politics and religion seem so blurred eh? :-\ Problem is, politicians and pastors are so used to spreading their BS that they believe the shite they espouse.

SSDD, Same shit, different day…