hi - stupid question but i need to know my top left eye has been twitching since last week - does this mean anything really and if so what? Am asking as i was brought up with the belief taht an eye twitching means something…my question is what?

Lol, I was told that it meant I was going to get money. Never said when though…

Left eye, you’re going to lose/spend money
Right eye, you’lll be receiving.

same with the itching of palms.

Hello, and welcome. Do make the effort to tell us more about yourself aside from the twitching you suffer from.

Those things that you were brought up to believe are superstitions - they are not true. There are a number of articles on the Internet about eye twitching, see here, here and here. Disqualification: I am not an eye specialist and do not comment on the validity of these articles.