Here is a an article in the Daily Maveric that I have a problem with. http://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2014-11-19-missing-vs.-hofmeyr-the-dance-of-white-power/#.VGwu18mAPvM Being white, I suppose I cannot fully comprehend the effect that Apartheid had, so maybe I’m missing something here.
Steve Hofmeyr is a stupid moron and deserve every bit of scorn he is getting, but to now put Koch in the same camp? If there was no voice against Hofmeyr from whites it would have been assumed that we all agree with him. Koch did speak against him, but through the medium of a black puppet, and now he is just another Master and the puppet his slave? “Hofmeyr and Koch two sides of the same coin”? I think it is more the writer and Hofmeyr that is two sides of the same coin. Both not wanting the times to change, both not seeing that the other side is not all out to get the other side. There can be no light at the end of the tunnel with this kind of thinking.

Ja read it.

Basically we dammed if we do, dammed if we don’t.

I’ve never seen black-and-white thinking summed up this succinctly and with such unintended irony!

..if Chester Missing is not white, he’s Black.

I only got this far.

Die Stem, a white war ritual against blacks

I can’t remember who said it, but is very true: The only real news is science. What the person meant was that if you look at human history, politics remains pretty much the same throughout the ages. Read old Roman manuscripts and you see exactly the same petty squabbles, propaganda, corrupt officials, power hungry bureaucrats, greed, and so on and on.

Only in science is there real progress, and genuinely new things happen.

I’ll leave them to their petty squabbles, and head over to the latest news on the Rosetta mission. Only to find, of course, that the science got completely eclipsed by an utterly idiotic brawl over the shirt one of the mission scientists was wearing during an interview.


I’m beginning to think Ayn Rand had a point.

No no no, science is just reporting the actual news several billion years after it has transpired.

EDIT: Also, see shoutbox.

When I read an article like this I ask myself: “Does it build bridges or walls?” or conversely “Does it break down walls or bridges?” IMO: Walls are built by articles like this…


Hmm, somehow Zapiro missed including Hofmeyr’s most successful bid at provoking mirth, namely his childishly petulant and sanctimoniously hypocritical reaction where he tweeted that overturning the interim gag order on Chester Missing means the end of freedom of expression (i.e., the posts that fell victim to last week’s forum crash).


A case of the pot calling the kettle figuratively and literally black.

Steve and his afriforum mates are, sadly, an argument for why old people need to die eventually to allow the world to move forward.

(No offense to current company intended)

Oh, enough about Eskom already! :stuck_out_tongue: