I grew up as a christian and progressed to being a pagan using the energies of the old gods, which is in fact, not a religious practice, but far more practical in nature. The question of Who are we? and Why are we? Were not answered by any religion or pagan path though. I looked at various versions of the Big Bang and my fascination of the photon, matter and anti matter made me realize that I was beginning to get some where.

My understanding of Ramtha is as follows –

Our spirit is actually a fragment of the initial intelligence that through concentration of thought created the entire physical universe that we know. If one would like to define God than we are all a fragment of god and god is in fact all of us. That intelligence that looks out at the world from behind our eyes is actually God. Our spirit through its various life experiences becomes a soul that is individualized by these experiences.

Our purpose as a soul inhabiting a human brain is simply the way the initial intelligence that created the universe, experiences its creation and this makes its more intelligent and stronger.

Well, Ramtha (and the film associated with the Ramtha School of Enlightenment) has at least won one accolade …

James Randi’s 2004 Pigasus Award.

It is really hard to believe…
Scratch that. Knowing how people are, it is not at all hard to believe these things still make money.
The Secret is still on top ten shelf at CNA.

I have not read this book, but it sounds even more far fetched.

If you sat down for 15 minutes you could make up fantasitcal stories like this, no wait, make that 5 minutes. It seems that what J.Z Knight did in 1977. As the Skepdic.com website says “It is not clear why Ramtha would choose Knight, but it is very clear why Knight would choose Ramtha: fame and fortune, or simple delusion.”

You know what would be really funny, is the next time someone claims to be have been visited by an ancient spirit and is the that spirits channel from the past, would be for someone to challenge them and say “No, I was visited last night and I am the thingies channel!” Complete with contradictory arguements and advice! :wink:

The trouble with Ramtha and all other dead people who allegedly speak to us “from the other side” is that they are so darn ineloquent or downright daft, sometimes both. When they’re not mumbling indistinctly, they’re stating the obvious about which, were it not for the assumption that it comes gospel-wise from the “other side,” we’d have no trouble saying, “Ho hum. Now pull the other one, please.” When they’re not saying what is clearly evident to anyone who engages in a bit of objective stocktaking, they’re prattling in incomprehensible riddles constructed by no less an impressive tactic than stringing together largely arbitrary words and phrases in a vaguely grammatical way. Finally, when they’re not uttering utter gibberish, they’re issuing platitudes of such singularly shallow and anorexic thinness as to put Durex to shame.

As a somewhat peripheral point, these deceased communicators also seem always to be able to slip in a few idioms and linguistic constructs of the day in the language of the day, despite having purportedly lived in ages long past. This, regardless of the channeler’s best efforts to obscure it. An Atlantean who speaks English with a sometimes-affected 16th century inflection, indeed! What will they think of next?


Thanks for all the replies. I had similar thoughts I must admit. About JZ Knight and also the various authors and editors of the bible. I will continue my search for the answers. The hardest part I must admit is filtering through all the garbage. There is some commonality though.

I am looking for the reason we, as souls inhabiting the human brain,are here. We may not like the answer but I,m sure that the reason is comprehensible and has nothing to do with any religious teachings.

I also accept that the human is not special in the grand scale of things and that there are many other life forms ( some may be similar some may be not ) in our Universe that are also at the level of development that enables them to be soul hosts.

Slightly off topic now is the “god particle” experiments that scientist are undergoing at the moment. When the US did all the nuclear bomb testing UFO visitation was reported widely. Some life form out there noticed all the electromagnetic pulses and came to investigate. Now the scientist are going to generate matter with temperatures not seen since the big bang. I look forward to see what kind of response that this will trigger. I dint think that it is the temperatures themselves that will be of concern but the possible effect these experiments may have on other dimensions other than our known electromagnetic dimension.

Hello Peter,

Before we can discuss anything further on this topic, there are a lot of assumptions in your argument that you have taken to build upon. If we could first discuss the logical assumptions that are present in your argument then we will be on an equal footing for future discussion.

If six authors agree on one subject, that does not make the claim true in and of itself. This is refereed to as Argumentum Ad Populum (or the Bandwagon fallacy). Just because six people wrote that on 12 June 2009 the sun will not rise at all and 7 weeks of midnight will be experienced throughout the world, that does not make it true without better evidence (nobody has made this exact claim, I picked a random date as an example).

There is an assumption here about a soul inhabiting humans. Perhaps it is in the definition of the word “soul” that I can’t find common ground. Are you defining soul as an essence of consciousness that exists after the death of the human body (or before birth, it doesn’t matter)? It is only central to your argument if you are using it as part of the proof of alien existence, otherwise it is a non-sequitur.

There also seems to be an assumption that intelligent alien life forms definitely exist. Do you have proof of this assumption so that we can all learn about the presence of aliens and therefore be “on the same page” when it comes to your argument? What is the common ground between humans and intelligent alien life forms which allows us both to be “soul hosts”?

The LHC will be conducting a myriad of fascinating tests, among them is the test to find the graviton or Higgs-Boson particle which will describe why some things have mass (like the protons they will be smashing to find smaller bits) while other things do not have mass (like the photon) and thus are unhindered to travel at great speed (the speed of light).

The name “The God Particle” is something that the media has jumped on but it has nothing to do with gods at all. The reason for the name is that throughout human history, when we have found unexplained phenomena we have only been able to explain it by saying “it’s one of god’s mysteries”. This is the god of the gaps, a god which fills the gaps in our knowledge until we know better. Some scientists identified the gap in the Theory of Gravity and called it the “god particle” because it calls for a god of the gaps. Once the particle is discovered, it will never be called the god particle. If it is not found then it will seriously challenge the theory of gravity and the Standard Model of quantum physics - which would be very exciting too. It will call for another god of the gaps which will one day be resolved through theorising and experimentation.

But let’s get back to the assumption of the existence of UFOs. Have you got a source for the data that indicate that UFO sightings were definitely increasing at that time and caused by the experiments? Remember that the UFO phenomenon (the psychological phenomenon) was born at a time when movies and comic books were full of UFOs, the increase in “sightings” can easily be correlated (more causally) with the increase in pop-culture representations of aliens from Mars.

The experiment of smashing protons together at near light speed is not novel. Nature does this same thing all the time in the earth’s upper atmosphere. Protons ejected from the sun in solar winds (at much higher speeds and higher energy levels - temperature you could say) collide millions of times a day in earth’s atmosphere. How could an alien intelligence find the “signal” from the LHC experiment (which is a much smaller “signal”) in all that noise from nature?


Thanks AcinonyScepticas for all your comments. I have heard them all before but not as descriptively put as you have done. Thanks again.

PZ put up a nice linked post on this: