Random rant of the day...

i have this chick who lives on the property that i do.
she is single, in her 30’s, she doesnt have a real job.
she spends R2000 on drugs when she goes clubbing.
she swears like a trouper.
she gets a bf just for winter, then dumps him when she gets bored.

and yet
she is wildly outspoken about blasphemy on telly
she ‘accidently’ sends me re-mails (she knows i dont do god)
she asks me along to the local new church (who she referred to earlier 'daar’s mos nou ‘n nuwe fokken kerk op die hoek’)
she and her buddy has bible study

she agrees with me when i say ‘i hate people who takes odds and ends out of religion, and makes it work for them, eventhough they blatantly fly in the face of everything else the bible says’.

all i really want to say is:
what the fucking fuck?! (wtf!!)

Its a cop-out GCG. Religion offers the opportunity to do as much wrong as you like and tonight you can go on your knees and ask for forgiveness. Thus your concience is smoothed and you can look yourself in the mirror every morning and assure yourself that you’re a good and “nice” person.

Side-step her and go find yourself like-minded company, these types are tedious and emotionally draining. I watch them as one would watch a soapie on tv, with absent interest (hey, there’s a word for that - I’m certain someone will point this out to me).