Rapture business opportunities

With only 10 weeks until the next forecast rapture, anyone thinking of cashing in on it??

I’m liking the Antichrist weapons dealership… or even better reality counselling for bemused Christians after the whole thing fails to happen AGAIN! I’m usually against the capitalist exploitation of the insecure and gullible, but it feels like an exception could be made in this case…

We could channel our efforts into providing a safe and secure haven for all the pets that are going to be left behind.

If you read the linked-to article, you’ll see that your idea is the very one that inspired the article in the first place! :wink:


Another idea that I heard not so long ago was to offer loans.

A prospective customer has all kinds of assets which won’t exist after the world is destroyed, right? A terrible waste. But I offer them the opportunity to raise immediate cash for their illiquid assets. It isn’t a sale*, I don’t take their assets straight away, they keep their assets and I give them cash - say one hundred thousand for their house. The only catch is that I take the house the day after Armageddon. But by then it wouldn’t exist anymore anyway right? Win win! They can use the cash to party like there’s no tomorrow, or maybe hop on a plane to get a front-row seat in Jerusalem. If the end of the world is really coming then I wouldn’t have to be paid back.

Come on. Take advantage of this fool’s offer.


[* maybe it can be seen as a deferred sale if you find that cleaner, but as a loan there’s still the option of the customer paying me the cash back plus a modest 150% p/a interest]

The real difficulty with that proposal is one of legal definitions: Would it constitute secured lending or unsecured lending? The rules governing each are a bit different. From the service provider’s point of view, it would be secured lending, whereas the client would see it as unsecured, but who’s right? What would a judge rule?

This is just one example of the many knock-on quandaries that arise with knowing that the imminent future holds apocalypse… ::slight_smile: