Reading and writing skills

or rather the lack thereof in today’s youngsters.

I have a lot to do with matriculants entering the job market, running with the work’s learnership programme etc. The majority of them needs to do a basic English communications and business writing skills course upon starting, which is not suprising as most of them did their schooling in their home language. However, its when I come across english and afrikaans speaking children from well-to-do families who had access to a “better” education who then sprout passages like this that I want to headdesk repeatedly:

I plays lead guitar and would like to solo like like slash and learn how to play guitar whit my teeth like Jimi Hendrix. I plays rock and punk rock. I have a fender squier bulletstrat, n peavey rage 158 (15 wat), n behringer OD100 peddal. I just oderd a behringer V-Amp 3. I have been playing lead guitar for more than 2years nouw and I have a long way to go. I am planing to upgrade my guitar picups to seymour duncan hotrails (I like that worm sound) and get a custom paint job for my guitar and a nuwe tremoler whit loking systum.

Thanx for this web page and I like the tips.
Have a graet day from my and rock on.
The power of music is stroger than anyting in this wourld.

and this one, from a young man with a private school education sending out his first e-mail communication to his new colleagues:

hi all

with pleasure to inform you all that i am here also and i will be your salave just ask me anything i will do it for you!

It makes me want to go sit in a corner with a dishtowel over my head and just sob.

I can understand this sort of crap on internet forums, but I have a small business and when we advertise for staff we actually get CVs written like this. Anyone who claims they can’t get a job should consider upgrading their communication skills as the first item on their list of priorities, because when I receive a CV like this it hits the bottom of the bin before I even get to the part that deals with job skills.

Good on yer – because there’s an excellent chance that someone who can’t be bothered with being diligent about language when putting together a CV will be similarly slapdash and careless (or inadequate) about other tasks. Moreover, communication is among the most basic skills required in all jobs, and so a language deficiency in a presumably normal individual is an indicator or symptom of some deeper incompetence or undesirable feature. In that regard, it’s akin to being potty-trained: for obvious reasons, a potential employer would be right not to engage a person who’s missing the latter competency.


Ha-ha! True - and delightful to imagine “4.3.5 Candidate to exhibit competence in continence, aim and flushing” listed as skill requirements on a vacancy advertisement!