Real life soap operas

I keep an eye on some of the more entertaining (well, to me at least) events transpiring in this really, really weird country of ours. The latest Soapie playing out in our courts currently is the case of the Lotter children who murdered their parents because an Indian chap claiming to be the third son of god told them to. For real. Now the Tokoloshe has been dragged into the fray as well.

What I find quite interesting and ironic is that for the first time ever, the devil isnt to blame, this time its “God made me do it”.

How any level-headed judge manage to sit though this type of charades day after day is questionable, I for one would run screaming from the courtroom in hysterics and just incarcerate them for stupidity and wasting time and money, never mind the actual crime.

the more i read, the more i had to pick my jaw off of the floor. what a bunch of raving lunatics.

Insanity defense?

Probably, but its not likely to succeed in my opinion, it was motivated by money, and the case has been dragging its feet for this long because they (the kids) attempted to get their grubby little fingers on the estate early last year in order to pay for their defence, so that case had to be finalised first before this one could continue, they lost that one, the money is in trust until such time as their guilt (!!??!!) or innocence is proven. I saw a quirp from some pastor or another who insisted that all three of them are possessed by some demon or another and that he (the pastor) was unable to break the chains and free them of this monster.

Shame, must have been quite a disappointment for him to realise his own faith wasnt quite strong enough to release these youngsters from their bondage.

This is not unique or the last time people like this will plead a lack of free will…the pastor was such a fool…the judge queried him and from his answer it transpires that he believes ‘sincerely’ that ‘evil’ manifested as a tokoloshe/devil/dervish/gnome/wraith/bank manager exists.
The question is: Will the Judge have the guts to send to hell all notions that these delusions are just that? Delusions.

Picking on God and Demon’s is so passe. I would’ve gone with Robot chocolate bunny alien masterminds who shoot easter eggs out their anuses and drool sticky caramel sauce into your brain. WAY more entertaining, and at that point, the judge would be insane NOT to label you insane. It’s a perfect plan MHUAHAHAHA! Pity I don’t really want to murder anyone. >:D

Um not sure if I’m missing something but who was the second son of god meant to be if he was the third?!

For your amusement (hopefully):

A notable absentee from this trial to date has been Kobus Jonker, who founded the Occult-Related Crime Unit in the South African Police Service in 1992. Since then, he’s made a living pretending that there is something metaphysical going on when confused people do bad things involving candles, goats, swords or anything generally considered “occult”. But we have heard from Pastor Leon van Assenderp, testifying in support of the Lotter’s plea of not guilty on the grounds that Naidoo made them commit the murders.

Van Assenderp has testified that the Lotters showed clear signs of demonic possession, and that they were in the early stages of an occult movement with Naidoo as inspiration and ringleader. If the early stages are what it takes to get you to kill your parents, the later stages must be truly terrifying.

None of those possibilities is clarified by the sort of evidence provided by Van Assenderp, nor by the Potteresque level of detail provided about the so-called occult aspects of this case. When an accused suggest some mysterious cause for their crime, our response should not be to find some equally mysterious expert to offer evidence.

The outcome of entertaining this sort of evidence is quite simply to subvert the meaning of causality, where instead of pursuing the usual questions relating to motive, and focusing on testing the most plausible hypothesis, our guardians of the law act just as irrationally as some of those that appear before them


Apparently Bugs Bunny also featured, but I missed that particular report.

“Eh, Whats up Doc???”

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