Real-time Statistics

My daughter showed me this website the other day - Worldometers- it shows the world statistics in various categories such as Population, Food, Water, Energy, etc. It is amazing to see some of the numbers.

It is really cool to see the numbers like that, lots of interesting comparisons. The energy we consume worldwide in a day is equivalent to only ±1% of the value of energy that we receive from the Sun in the same time.

Imagine having a patent on e-mails… 1 cent (Even the old Zimababwean currency) for each mail sent would go down a treat! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s uber cool and how do you like (unlike) that 137483 species have gone extinct this year alone! Thanks for the link Wandapec

Pleasure. The stats have been set back as today is 01/01/2011 - it is just crazy how the numbers are piling up…