Recent Changes

As most of you noticed, I added some chat integration to the forum. This is causing a bit of a headache with lots of errors in the log. I removed it for now until I can sort it out. Not that it was much used anyway :wink:

Also, I am planning some changes to the main page - adding a highlights section in the forum that will also be displayed on the main page. At the moment you can see a draft test page at
Please let me know what you think. The plan is to have a few moderators that will have permission to post in that section. If you want to help out, let me know.

Nice “clean” look.

May I suggest that you add a link to the “OUT” campaign?

Hmm, I’ll consider it. Lets talk about OUT here:

Sorry to have to say this, but I absolutely detest the forum’s new colour coding. It looks like the Technicolor aftermath of a bad Mardi Gras bender. Is there any way to tone down significantly its irritating gaudiness?

(If I’m alone in this assessment, I’ll just have to get into the habit of wearing dark glasses when visiting the site… 8) )


I haven’t changed much, links should be a little brighter, but that’s about it… which browser do you use? Can you post a screenshot?

I use IE7 and IE8 (I know, I know – “kak browser” and all that. Except it’s not so kak, actually).;attach=580;image


I have to admit, I thought those were pretty cool. You can quickly see what’s going on. Then again, my 348 posts pale in comparison to the 1978 posts of Mefiante! :slight_smile:

Well, it’s obviously a matter of taste and as such couldn’t be usefully argued over. Still, I think it’s much easier on the eyes now, so thanks bluegray!


Could we have the spoiler tag, please?


[spoiler]Sure ;)[/spoiler]



So do we have to do stuff like this now:

[spoiler]You’re wrong, God really doesn’t exist.[/spoiler]

Merci beaucoup, M’sieur l’Administrateur! Thanks for spoiling us so. :wink:


Hi Blugray, would the Facebook Like function be an option?

That mod is a bit, um, rough around the edges. Had to make custom changes :wink:

There should now be a facebook like button at the top left of selected board topics.

Thanks. I was hoping that you would be able to like a post as opposed to a topic (Sorry, wasn’t very specific with the request), but if it’s too much of a mission don’t stress.

Hmm, a problem:;attach=669


A glitch in the database. Fixed the topic, though last post statistics will update by itself when someone post to that board (I hope :wink: )