Recent website problems

As you probably noticed, the site experienced some downtime. This is all my fault since I planned my holiday to coincide with an unexpected and unannounced server move by my web host. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I am back now and all should go back to normal. There are still a few glitches to work out, so your feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for your patience :wink:

I have no idea. I would like to know as well. I hope not…

Apart from many intermittent HTTP 404 errors, I got the attached page today, before being redirected to a server called something like “”

Did your holiday really cost that much? :wink: It must’ve been a humdinger!


That’s hectic. Will it help if we do this

LOL but, Shh! Google’s watching…

Also, they’ve blocked this site at work again, so I empathise with the cartoon character. >:(

When it came back I was happy. And thought an annoying little thing was fixed along with it. I learned it hasn’t.

When I write longer passages in the type box, the bottom words disappear off the screen and I cannot read what I type. I have to scroll down and when I type anything it jumps to the normal size again. Then does an annoying flickering thing every letter I type.

Is anyone else having this issue and is it meant to keep responses brief? :wink:

I am using IE 8 (don’t flame too hard, I just gave up on the battle and left my trusty FF behind when I went Windows 7)

same problem on my side… :’( i look mostly at the keyboard when i am typing anyway :-[

Um, not quite :wink:
It looks like there is a problem arising from the recent server move. My host disabled the account temporarily because of high CPU load caused by the site. This was all out of my control and unannounced. >:(

Anyway… We are now looking into this matter and tonight (19 Oct 2009 aorund 8pm) the site will be moved to another server - where better monitoring can take place and the source of the problems hopefully revealed.
The IP of the site will change again, so it might take a while for the DNS servers to update across the internet and you might not reach the site during this time - although it shouldn’t take long.

Does this only happen in IE8? The text box is supposed to stay a fixed size, but a scrollbar appears when you type more than the size of the text box. In FF the text box automatically focus on the cursor as you type…

Ok, were back… :wink:

Only tested this with IE8, bluegray V.

As soon as the scroll goes over a few lines, the focus jumps to the top. Every character you type it kinda flickers down, focus on the character and then jumps back to the top.

I was just wondering if it is some kind of setting on my side.

Ok, were back... ;)
Yay :D

Google “ie8 textbox cursor” - it seems to be an IE8 bug.
I’m forcing IE8 to render in IE7 compatibility mode as a workaround. Could you check if this helps?

She works! :smiley:

Thanks, hope it wasn’t too much of a mission.

Anybody else using the thread notification feature? I do, but it seems to not be working at the moment.

Haven’t had a problem myself, anyone else not getting notifications via email?

Plenty of sporadic gateway timeouts, HTTP 404 and DNS errors. Apart from that, everything is working as well as Vodacom 3G will allow. ::slight_smile:


I don’t see who this site is hosted by, but from their constant downtime I’d say they’re about as useful as tits on a bull. Please let us know who they are so we can avoid them for our own sites.

From this morning. The problem persisted for roughly three hours.


Texo, they are linked on the main page.
To their defense, the downtime wasn’t all their fault. I manage the DNS myself and the server move should have been a lot smoother…
If you don’t rattle the cage too much they are a good value for money host :wink:

The DNS problems should be solved by now - its working fine here. Anyone else having problems?

DNS error whole morning, now working. Cool. :smiley:

The “forgot password” page is not working.