We all gotta eat right? Except for that, I have virtually no excuse for posting the following on a skeptic’s forum, except perhaps that I had some doubts that the formula would work at all.

Overdrive curry – Paella goes Asian

This is a curry under an hour. The use of rice and the small particle size of the ingredients , allow the flavor to mature quickly. Short of a tendency to burn, of which you must be watchful, I think you’ll find it a delightful single-saucepan dish.

2 Tablespoons sunflower oil
About 400 - 500g lean stir fry beef strips

In a 3-5L deep wall saucepan, fry the beef strips in the oil till brown or very slightly charred.

1 Medium sized onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoon strong or medium curry powder

Reduce the heat a little and add the onions and curry powder, stirring briskly. Fry the threesome for a minute or so, taking care not to char the onion.

50 ml Brown vinegar
1 cup of rice
Some water

Remove the pot from the heat. Carefully add the vinegar, and the rice. Cover with water, and return to boil. Allow to boil for a while, stirring often.

Half a packet of instant tomato soup powder
2 Tablespoons chutney or apricot jam

When the rice appears almost done, add the tomato soup powder and chutney while stirring. Immediately reduce the temperature because the sugar will increase the tendency to burn. Stir continuously, and add water as required, until the pot settles into a lazy simmer.

Half cover the pot and allow the rice to fully cook by simmering at a low temperature.

When done, you can now dolly up or fine tune the curry by adding black pepper, some cream, sugar or salt to taste, or your secret spice.

Serve hot with sliced banana and coconut, cucumber – you know – the usual.

Do you have a fast and easy favourite? Let’s try it out!


Bully beef and a can of green peas. Stir fry.
I was a bachelor living on a farm quite a distance from town. I lived on this and canned beer. I survived… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! Bully beef - the staple of heroes … Nothing like opening a can and frying it up with leftover 2 minute noodles after the fourth day hiking down the Fishriver Canyon!


Mintaka I made your curry last night. Lots of it (I live with 11 housemates) and everyone enjoyed it (usually if there are no leftovers its a sign of success.) Thanks.
As a result of being young and poor we often try to make as much tasty food as possible for as little money as possible. A personal favourite of mine - Tomato Pasta.
Fry chopped onion in olive oil with some sugar until caramelised. Add canned Tomatoes, Soya sause, Balsamic Vinegar, another spoonful of sugar. Simmer until tomatoes have reduced (about 20 minutes depending on quantity) Serve over Pasta (no instruction for cooking pasta deemed necessary :P) Jazz it up by adding bacon, peppers, whatever is in the fridge.

Have made this on a camp stove under a starry sky too… ;D

KFC + thirty bucks.

Mmmmm, beer. The cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast…

Half Sprite Zero, half dry white. A ton of ice, and a hot day. Enough said.


Take 4 slices Albany wholewheat bread. Spread Rama margarine evenly over all four slices. Add generous layer of Yum-Yum Caramel Crunch peanut butter to two slices. Now add Illovo Golden Syrup to the peanut butter. Add the un-peanut-buttered slices face down onto the original two slices. Take your meal to your computer and find the coolest forum to browse (SASkeptics) while you eat. Enjoy.

If you can only afford bread - make sure it’s the best, with the best ingredients. Hehe.