Rocks around the clock

There is an entertaining article in today’s Sunday Times Travel & Food section called “Rocks around the clock”. It’s about Michael Tellinger’s theories of the rock circles in Mpumalanga. Some good quotes …

“This is the place where aliens landed 300 000 years ago. They came to mine the gold they neeeded to repair the damaged atmosphere of their home planet. To avoid manual labour, they cloned themselves to create mankind to do the dirty work” :smiley:

He’s goes into really amazing detail on the alien technology, super stuff. And then

“It’s rubbish that we evolved from apes or hominids at the Cradle of Mankind.”

and then his claims become even more entertaining. Grab a copy if you can for your amusement.

He probably has no evidence for his claims, right?

Hey! This is not the fun section.

Mr Tellinger is evidently oblivious of the fact that gold is chemically about as inert as elements come and also one of most stable of nuclei. It is therefore the very profoundest secrets that our good Michael shares in with his aliens concerning how they repaired their home planet’s damaged atmosphere using gold. Perhaps they used it to buy some technology from another more avaricious alien culture… ::slight_smile:


Rock kraals like those are quite common in rural areas.

I found the newsreport rather entertaining, obviously written tongue in the cheek.

It’s not tongue-in-cheek unless someone tonguely and cheekily abducted “Michael Tellinger” as a nom de plume, running the risk of legal action if done without express consent. The real Michael Tellinger is a sucker for woo-woo stuff involving aliens.


LOL @ this froot loop.

Were humans created by “god” as SLAVES? Was Abraham the first human SPY? Was Jesus an accidental MESSIAH?

In Slave Species of god, Michael Tellinger takes his readers on a remarkable odyssey of the true origins of humankind in which he:

  • draws clear and startling analogies between new discoveries in genetic engineering and ancient archaeological finds…
  • highlights emerging scientific information overlooked in the past…
  • unravels the Bible’s often obscure stories by linking these to their original forms in Sumerian clay tablets and other prehistoric writings…
  • provides explicit answers to why our modern world has become so senseless and chaotic by revealing the very secrets of our prehistory…

While shattering myths about evolution and God, Slave Species of god enables evolutionists and creationists to finally co-exist in one pond. The arguments are compelling, simple and refreshing, retracing the path of human evolution from the murky distant past to the religious dogma that haunts humankind today. The question of who we are and where we come from takes on a new meaning as we discover that our DNA may have been manipulated by our CREATOR some 250 000 years ago to produce a less intelligent ‘primitive species’. In fact, the book’s evidence shows that Adam and Eve were not the ‘apple’ of God’s eye as first suggested in Genesis. Tellinger presents the many arguments and evidence succinctly and convincingly, pointing out the difference between ‘GOD’ and god. How did this genetic manipulation affect humankind? How have we evolved in 250 000 years? Can we achieve immortality? These are just some of the questions answered in this gripping and astonishing work, challenging all those who are looking for new answers in the 21st century.

As if we have’nt enough idiots to contend with already. Now they go spawn another religion just to annoy us with.

i own this book, and have read it, prob’ly about 4 odd years ago.
i bought it, coz i had thought it would be a good read. you know, with a lot of archeological references and stuff.
i read it with a ‘fair enough’ point of view. and a see-sawed between holy fucking gawd!! to, wait, what? where some stuff totally made sense, other stuff left me feeling a bit, well, skeptic.
i cant remember the details, but i remember ending the book, and thinking. well, nothing. it didnt have a profound impact on my life.
i dont dismiss alien contact, at all. i just cant imagine aliens coming around, doing whatever, and pissing off. where is this planet of theirs now? if these aliens survive on our planet fine, how do they manage in an environment, that as far as i can remember, is based on a planet with internal heat. do they have machines that pump out oxygen?

but does bug me though, how the hell did the sumerians, or who-ever came up with the original story, thumbsuck spacecraft and genetic engineering? and planets, and atmospheres? or, did author-guy interpret words in a way that tells the story better?

i am, in essence, a mulder. i want to believe. because its cool. and aliens are cool. if it happens that i am, basically an alien on my own planet, i will be the first to celebrate. but, i want evidence. i want a laboratory buried under rubble, and launching pads, and helmets and lazer rifles. untill then, i will just raise my eyebrow a la scully.

The newsreport by Lesley Stones in the Sunday Times contains repeated cues to emphasize that Tellinger’s claims are farfetched. Stones stops short of calling Tellinger a liar, but strongly suggests that he should not be taken seriously. It left me with the impression that Tellinger, rather than the kraals, is the real curiosity.

Tellinger obviously means it.

The article is online