SA Rocks and ZA Sucks on 702

Got this from Ewan’s blog. Just listened to the podcast now. Oi!

I listened to the podcast yesterday and have to agree with Ewan, while I support freedom of speech I’m not sorry that ZA Sucks is no longer on the internet.
Unfortunately, a lot of his crazy followers are also on a forum called which is far worse than ZA Sucks. Someone happened to tell me about the crazies on yesterday and I had a look at the forum. I couldn’t believe what I saw - bigotry, conspiracy theories, blatant racism, and ignorance, it’s all there (even all that Uhuru nonsense). I’m not naive about what’s on the internet, but sometimes I’m still shocked when I come across such in-your-face hatred.I feel dirty for just having read some of it.
It’s an international forum and they claim to have over a hundred thousand hits a day - now that’s shocking. :o

It’s kinda moved here:

This seems to be done by an expat, but I can’t be sure, if I read too much of this stuff my brain might stop working permanently.

Very scary people :o

It’s an unfortunate side effect of freedom of speech. But we truly should allow freedom of speech for EVERYONE. Crazy or not.

I agree. You stop some speech and where do you stop? Hopefully the crazy stuff will be recognised as crazy by most. Without real free speech there will only be one kind of speech - the view favoring the strongest.