Science proves Moses' Red Sea parting (again)

Proof’ for Moses’ Red Sea story

Computer simulations, part of a larger study on how winds affect water, show wind could push water back at a point where a river bent to merge with a coastal lagoon, the team at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado at Boulder said

that’s not the worst of it, the jewel in the crown, is the comments:

They dont have the facts straight. Zoom with google earth. See the beach North East of Sharm El-Sheikh. The crossing was on the Saudi side. Also, check the Saudi side and see only one mountain with the top burnt in black where God gave the ten commandments to Moses. Also, pics on google earth (Saudi side) shows what is left over of the monuments constructed to celebrate the crossing.
nteresting, just a pity the Bible fails to mention a wind so violent, no slave or soldier would have been able to stand upright. The bible talks of the SEA parting, not a bend in a river near a small lagoon. Are we to not take it literally or should we pick and chose the parts of science that match the parts of the story that make it plausible
ten points for this oke
However is funding this stupid research project is wasting their money. Please research something valuable..idiot!!!
amen brother
I totally disagree with the scientist,the path on the read sea was migthly opened by the powerful hand of GOD!! lasty u need 2 b very careful to challenge biblical facts & turn away 4rm ur wicked ways of scientific lies,u need 2 try another books if u wnt 2 prove facts nt a bible plz!!!!!
erm, what?
Um.... sorry to burst all of your bubbles, but there is no god. The bible belongs on the fiction shelve of the bookstore. Hehe, bet you all feel a bit silly now huh?
why do scientist always have to proof that G-d exist???? we already know that - maybe they should apply this knowledge and crush the evolution nonsense
Oh my Flying Spagetti Monster. Thor is by far greater than any other god hes got a hammer and could do cool stuff with lightning. What did Jesus do he got nailed to a cross. Great stuff this christian mythology.
my hero....

I love the comments! It does get a bit tedious at times, but when those little gems pop up it generally makes my day!

Oh my Flying Spagetti Monster.
"Oh my Me! I left pot EVERYWHERE!"