Sea kittens

Can this be for real?

um looks like a propaganda that people wouldn’t eat fish eg fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks…
to which i say damn right they would, we eat hotdogs dont we?

while i will agree that as far as eating other animals I fully support that the animals should not be made to suffer any more then necessary, along with some other feel good attempts like decent living conditions etc. Changing the name of cows to “baby bunting” for eg is not going to stop people eating other living things at all.

You said it Patchwork. Along similar lines, the Afrikaans word for a small octopus, is indeed “seekatjie” (= Sea kitten). Still, Afrikaans speaking anglers and chefs are still happily chopping up these molluscs as bait and fancy cuisine.

I doubt that its ever a good idea to rely on mere semantics to help save a species, and
worry that such “marketing” tactics may trivialise an otherwise reasonable cause.


I think your far better off facing the issues vs this kind of semantics and emotional fluff pieces.
people will eat fish, your not going to get them to stop that. You can however get them to agree to
fishing standards etc that dont cause unneeded suffering etc etc… enforcing it is another matter.

The only thing is that the stricter the legal standards the higher the cost.

More here:

The so called facts on the Sea-Kitten page is also a bit dubious… ::slight_smile:
But that is typical PETA - leave your brain at home and save all the cuddly wuddlies!

And another hilarious take : (NSFW)