Secular Charity in SA

So my wife and I are looking into doing some kind of volunteer work for a local charity. You know, the kind of thing where we can show up from time to time and help out: feeding orphan babies, painting or fixing things, that sort of thing.

In our research so far we’ve found a bunch of local organisations (in and around Joburg) that have volunteer programmes like that, but it seems that they ALL have a strong religious element to them. To the extent that some even explicitly state that volunteers who are not Christians need not apply.

Does anyone in here know of somewhere that is either entirely secular or lacks any emphasis on religion?

Yeah, we know about Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International. But we’re not really interested in just making a monetary contribution - we’d actually like to physically help out.


This was posted by Faerie some time ago … I have no cooking clue how to link to the original post, so I’m just pasting the whole thing:

Nice! Thanks for the tip!

We’ve actually since found one that, while not explicitly secular, doesn’t beat the Jesus stick (at least, not that we’ve seen):

For what its worth, if you can go give love at a children’s home, its irrelevant whether its xtian based or not, those babies just need some loving, caring arms to hold them. I’ve done a stint at the Princess Alice a year or so ago, and some of those babies are like firewood in your arms, they are simply not used to being held. It takes them forever to relax and most of them wont make eyecontact at all, which is scary since all loved babies tend to want to make eye contact immediately with whoever holds them.

Good for you for wanting to stick your emotions out like that, its really hard, but at the end its quite rewarding too. I respect you simply based on this.