Self doubt

I often wake up in the early morning (2 am) and then think about all the mistakes, bad judgments and some downright stupid things I’ve done. Very depressing at that time of the day. How does somebody like Zuma or Trump cope? In my case, it’s just me, but for them, it is all over TV, newspapers, Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think I would last a day up there.

Maybe guilt and self-doubt act as natural selectors, allowing only the most thick skinned and brazenly self righteous personalities to survive and rise to the top of the social septic tank. ???

I would opnionate it has to do with morality taught as a child distinguishing between right and wrong and empathy for others. Most of us were taught these things and that arrogance and self importance are negative traits. It also has to do where in the spectrum you fall in terms of self preservation, one-on-one and societal personalities. Zuma and his cronies are very much on the self preservation side whereas Gordan falls more to the societal end.
Trump is being analysed to death currently. Loads of interesting theories about him abound if you are interested to the point to google. I think he means well but is clueless when it comes to the “right way” of interacting with fellow humans. A bit like a gorilla wanting to prove his dominance, its going to get him shot imo.

Even Joseph Stalin thought he was making the world into an Utopia. You can self-justify a lot under “ends justifying the means”.