An ad appeared on my Facebook page that leads back to this crap. How do you stop unwanted ads or do you just live with it? Most of them I just ignore but one or two I find offensive. I’ve spared you the actual ad, that was a testimonial of a “cancer survivor” using this. Look up testimonials at if you feel the need to puke. I use FB mainly to keep in contact with old friends, now spread all over the world, not as a source of useless info.

Bah, not to worry: Darwin will sort them out. >:D

Unfortunately, the selfsame Darwin made it possible for such acolytes of woo-woo to peddle their nonsense in the first place. If he’s going to sort them out too, it would reveal a very twisted sense of humour… :wink:


Errrr…You actually follow advert links? It’s like phoning the good doctor for help with your sexual problems because you saw his number stuck on a lamp post :wink:

I followed this one because it grated me so much >:(

Fair enough. I unfortunately get messages from people I know telling me thru witnessed a miracle cue in church blah … Blah… Blah… After me coming down on them like a ton of bricks, they have learnt not to do that ever again.

Ah yes. I employ the spam filtering technique of active dissuation often: Bash your friends’ stupid emails often enough and they stop sending you stupid garbage 10 times a day. Works like a charm.

When pointing out how stupid the emails are, it’s important to hit the “Reply to All” button.

I did that with a woman that worked for me - only once! She stopped after that, I got one or two replies from the other people but that came to a quick stop. This seems the way to stop it. Pity this does not work on normal junk like the 10 lottos that I win daily.

You get Lotto winnings? Lucky you! I’m still waiting for a nigerian relative to contact me. Then again, gmail might be filtering that like all the viagra adverts…because I so need those…