Sexual abuse to banish demons...

‘Prophet’ Paseka Motsoeneng seems to think sexual abuse banishes demons:


Woo-woo has a tendency to operate in narrow, compartmentalised regions of self-accorded “expertise.” Tarot readers rarely are pastors, astrologers, telekineticists or homoeopaths. This is understandable, considering that assorted flavours of baloney love pointing out how the others have it totally wrong.

Consequently, it’s indeed a rare treat to find woo-woo that comprehensively covers much of the available spectrum of popular delusional claptrap — religion, parapsychology, scrying, alternative medicine, conspiracy plots, and so forth. Several spelling and grammatical errors aside, and although it misses a few minor bunkum zones, here is a courageous effort towards achieving the noteworthy goal of All-Embracing Froot Loop. Peripherally, it’s also related to the topic of this thread.


i second mintaka

There are religious people who read this and then believe that Paseka Motsoeneng is a sick fuck. They then continue to believe that Jesus died for their sins.

I truly and utterly fail to comprehend how they manage that…

He’s was arrested over the weekend - but mostly, it seems, for his bodyguards carrying illegal firearms: