Silly statements about science

Here’s one of breathtaking silliness from the late Paul Foot, a U.K. journalist, after learning that tests had shown unequivocally that James Hanratty’s DNA was present at the crime scene of the A6 murder.

I'm a complete illiterate in relation to the science of DNA, physics and so on. I know nothing about it at all. My doubts stem solely from my, a very, very clear belief that this man did not commit this murder, so if the science is saying he did commit the murder I say well that clashes with my belief that he didn't commit the murder and there must be something wrong with the science.

That about sums up most people’s attitudes towards science, IMHO.

One of the daftest takes on science that I have ever encountered was a YouTube video in which a woman homoeopath of vaguely Asian appearance tries to explain how homoeopathy is supposed to work. At one point, she describes how ordinary matter can be confined to a tiny space if you squeeze it all together tightly enough, as in a neutron star or a black hole. She then uses this to make the mass term m in Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence relation E = m c2 fall away (because it’s small, see?), adding that the exponent 2 is close to 1 and so concludes that “energy is the speed of light, it is light.” Her monumental ineptitude crosses several scientific disciplines and is hilarious to anyone with even a basic knowledge of science (which sadly excludes a large fraction of humanity that is readily duped by this sort of gibberish).


Any time quantum mechanics is used to try and justify pseudo science.

Not about science but the above reminded me of this quote

“Don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve got a closed mind.” Rep. Earl Landgrebe

I’m still a bit in awe of the breathtaking liberties taken in the most oft-recommended film “The Secret”.

Misquoting(creatively editing) science experts, mix in their comments with those from a bunch of proper woo-heads, claim it’s all “quantum physics”, and throw in some wishful thinking.

Godawful mess of a “documentary”. After it someone insisted I’d like “What the bleep” more, however I refuse to ever expose my mind to such garbage ever again.

Good call

I watched what the bleep, thinking it was going to be interesting science imagine my disappointment when I realized I could hurt my glass of water feelings.