SITP Sandton?

If i organized a meeting in sandton, would anyone pitch?

I would pitch if I didn’t have a gig (which is only Mondays and Tuesdays at the moment).

Please refrain from messing with our heads by using upper case - that is just weird. >:D


hell, stevo, even if only you pitched it would be a bargain. so im going to have to work around your schedules.

Thanks gcg, that would be ossum. Monday or Tuesday nights would be brilliant - I hope my stupid musician-schedule doesn’t mess up someone else’s schedule (like maybe a Tues night Bible study they would have to miss heheh).

stevo, can you maybe update me on your gig schedule, i would like to attend one at some point, maybe, if you had one of those rocking sessions on, then we could all pull in.
mondays and tuesdays are kak hard to organise. so if we could co-ordinate a friday/saturday/sunday gig of yours, with a nice central place for all, that would actually rock my socks off.
what you think boogie?

Sorry to be such a pain, but none of my gigs are anywhere close to all the cool people. Wed: Pretoria, Thurs: Pretoria, Fri: Witbank, Sat: Benoni (Piatto, The Square, Farrarmere), Sunday: Pretoria.

You see? Saturday is the ONLY one even vaguely on the correct side of the Boerwors Curtain. Frustrating. Actually tonight is an audition gig, and even if I get the gig I’m not sure if the venue will be prepared to pay me my full fee. So … I may be looking for a regular gig in Midrand/Jhb quite soon. I will keep you posted. :-\

that will be insane ossumness.

You should talk to Owen or Angela (the regular JHB SITP organizers) - I’m sure they’d be happy to do one in Sandton… Tuesdays, btw, are bad. Pub quiz… :slight_smile:

i didnt realize there was a hierachy to go through to organize a meeting? surely this is free country, and forum, and i dont need anyone’s permission to organise a get together? and if i am so bleddie dof not to make use of a mailing list, and have no orginizational skills, then what the hell am i doing here, trying to talk to clever people?
dont break your head mate, im sure i can organise an SITP without anybody’s help. thank you very please.
and i think we have established that tuesdays are not gonna work.

There’s no hierarchy, it’s more a matter of getting the word out. Owen and Angela are the original admins on the facefuck group, so they can create a event for you. But I’m also a admin because I organise the Pretoria one, so I can create a event for you as well. When you get the details sorted, let me know.

mandude, will do so. just waiting to hear what stevo’s news is about the midrand gig. would like to be able to include him.

Wow… chill, srsly. I wasn’t suggesting there is a hierarchy. I was suggesting collaboration. For obvious reasons it’s a good idea to have a unified JHB SITP, and conferring with the usual organizers is therefore a good idea. The venue shifts fairly regularly, and someone even suggested Sandton last time. Suggesting a minimal amount of collaboration is no reason to get your panties in a knot, FFS.

i dont take direction from noobs. pick a number.

heh… Forum hierarchy! I can’t wait to meet you, btw!

Oh, and let me know if you want me to make you an admin on SA skeptics FB group. It’ll probably be much easier to organize that way - lots of the local skeptics aren’t regulars on the forum.

OK… aggressive much? Wouldn’t think that a SITP post could sound like it is aiming for the Flame Wars Section.
Regardless of the organizer(s), if the meet is not on a Wednesday, chances are I will be able to attend, and would very much like to do so. Could whoever organizes whatever please post the details on the forum as well, and not just on facefuck? They blocked most social networking sites at my office and logging on on the phone is such a drag…

man sy wil net 'n dop drink met 'n paar pelle… nie al die skeptics nie veral nie saam met tele nie… :wink:

As far as I know tele has never pitched, though people seem to fear this, for some strange reason.

I’d actually like a chat with Tele, he does seem to have a deep field of knowledge, albeit that he applies it for apologetics on this forum, he does post cool sciency stuff all the time.

Got interesting there for a moment…

I’d love to come, but my s/o is antisocial and I’d feel ackward leaving him at home and go off to meet a group of majority males… I’m working on him though, perhaps one of these days I can drag him out for a meet and greet with all of you, I desperately want to… :-\

not aggro as much as irritated that this noob, whom i dont know from a bar of soap, wants to tell me how to organise a SITP. jirre, im sure i can pick out a pub, a time, a date, and have the noggin to ask the relevant people on the forum to place it on the events. and on facefuck. he makes it sound like you allmost have to get permission first.
if i want to organise a SITP, i will ask people who i have chatted to before, not some dude who i have yet to have any form of interaction with. and whose have barely been active on the forum.
i might sound like a class A bitch here, but guess what, i am one. it seems that micheal whats’hisface wants the SITP to be arranged only by particular people.
i will leave it here.
build a bridge.