SJW's - helping or harming?

‘Poor’ Google is in the news about an employee’s ‘anti-diversity rant’ in which he warned about “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber”. Here’s the full doc.

It’s all over the news (one example ) and there’s plenty of knee-jerk reactions like:

[color=blue]Write a doc about how inferior women are, then try to be a hero by offering help to save the vulnerable

It depends how you define the term. When you’re talking about Antifa(scists) in their ninja costumes trashing universities in response to right-wingers who want to debate on campus. Then most definitely they’re doing harm, and I think the response there is far out of balance from the perceived “damage” done by someone simply speaking.

Then you have western feminists who think they should align themselves with people who support Sharia … a head-scratching proposition if ever there was one, and once again clearly not doing a heck of a lot of good for the western project.

I think the main problem is that logic and common sense have been dispensed with in a post-modern relativism orgy that values downtrodden-ness as it’s highest virtue: And it’s one with which there can not be argued. And this is where, finally, even the medium SJW’s do harm: They are completely destroying the values and virtues of western culture by declaring it invalid and, most importantly, inherently evil. In dispensing with proper discourse like this I’m afraid the damage being done to young minds could haunt the world for centuries.

However, you do get feminists who are waving that flag in the more traditional sense and some are out there exposing some of the fallout from feminist over-correction. They do pay a price for this, but I appreciate their contributions greatly. So, it’s difficult to say all SJW’s are bad. But the younger generation today… they trouble me.

Yeah well, when you are both in favour of women’s rights AND in favour of minority rights, then when you encounter a minority that considers women sub-human you’re inevitably going to have a very bad case of cognitive dissonance. :slight_smile:

This is what happens when people do not think through their ideas, or ask themselves why exactly they are in favour of what they are favour of.